Pit Pat
Mar 3

This tends to be my opinion as well. I think that the concept of fairness in a restricted-class sports competition (in this case, women’s sports) relies on a fundamental adherence to the spirit of that restriction. Read more

Feb 23

My first thought on reading that was, hey, why wouldn’t a car-dependent conurbation have a couple deaths a day?  But I see that LA has less than half as many deaths with almost twice as many people.  This is a cultural issue.

Feb 22

Good on them to establish up front they were only going to do it until they killed someone.

Feb 19

I told the dealer the offer I had from another dealer. “Did they put it in writing?” “Are you going to give me an offer in writing?” That shut him up. Read more

Jan 31

Timing belt on a Pontiac Firenza (Vauxhall/Viva SL2300) on the side of the road between Sydney and Halifax Nova Scotia - thankfully the Sydney dealer had the part hanging on a nail with no idea what it fit and I found a 3 inch piece of the belt with the part number - and a friend of a friend had the day off and her Read more

Jan 30

True. I think there’s a Japanese guy who does this on the regular with his scrotum.

Jan 30

What isn’t shown  was how afterwards the Defender had to be towed to the dealership itself.

Jan 29

And drive up costs and complexity, making ownership for the second or third owner a hellish nightmare.

Technician: Looks like one of your rearview cameras went out. We can have that fixed after the parts come in from Turduckistonia week after next. The estimate is $6,018.42 since we’ll have to remove the dash and Read more

Jan 22

It’s a watch that costs $440,000. Of course it’s a penis.

Dec 30

Body mods are questionable in my opinion. Pierced ears are kind of normal, terrible parents are getting their infant girls’ ears pierced and there’s insufficient outcry over that, people of every stripe have done peculiar things to themselves in the name of making themselves unique. For the fully cognizant, preferably Read more

Dec 30

Sometimes it feels like you put stuff up here for us to just no dice it into oblivion

Dec 29

Since they are calling it a Mustang, I am using the Mustang II as my point of reference. Read more