Mike from MusicBox
3/29/14 9:51PM

Hey guys! For even quicker customer responses and help, hit us up on Twitter @TeamMusicBox . This feedback has been AMAZING, thank you!

And Thanks again, Alan!

3/29/14 9:32PM

After signup there should be a follow up email with your curation setup. Let me know if you never received it and I'll make sure it's sent STAT!

3/27/14 3:06PM

Thanks Alan, again, so thankful. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you out! Do not hesitate to ask.

3/27/14 1:12PM

Quick Update!

Our MailChimp servers are sending back error messages to users using autofill to complete their address sign up.

For now we ask that you just type your complete email address when signing up. Read more

3/27/14 11:38AM

Hey Guys! First, thank you Alan, for the incredible article. We couldn't have asked for a better piece.

Second, we are working hard to correct the sign up issue....too many sign ups, all at once (what an awesome problem to have!). I'll keep you posted here with updates!

Thanks again for the awesome support and Read more