Apr 27 2018

Respectfully, this is bad journalism. How do you know Jamie wasn’t holding the “golden coins”. If you have a brand and you align yourself with a person who has “has two exploded Death Stars and a Red Wedding under his belt.” what responsibility do you have to the people that trust your brand? Additionally labeling Read more

Apr 27 2018

Is there an update to the article coming that talks about someone at Black Girl Nerds deleting bylines on articles from writers? Some have pointed to Broadnax being responsible for it? I believe that is where some of this criticism is coming from as well.

Apr 27 2018

I think a big problem is that FanCon was framed as being the brainchild of Jamie and Robert, and then you have Jamie referring to “the organizers ran up a $300,000 bill.” Like who exactly are “they”? Who is actually behind FanCon then? Read more

Apr 27 2018

This is asking for forgiveness and understanding for Jamie Broadnax at the most inappropriate of times. Maybe had this article not been published on what should have been the first day of Fan Con, I’d feel more sympathy for her (and I do feel sympathy for her.) But as vendors, guests, and attendees continue to Read more

Apr 27 2018

The failure of the convention has opened up doors to long-simmering criticism of Broadnax—some of it professional jealousy—in some fairly detailed tweet threads about her business practices and leadership at Black Girl Nerds. Read more

Apr 26 2018

Too many people in this comment section have seen Juwanna Man and think it’s something that would actually happen. Nothing drags out the neanderthal misogyny in the Deadspin commentariat more than Caster Semenya.

Jan 1 2018

This is cool. I know I’ve been extremely critical of Bills ownership, management and coaching staff but the pure joy of these players and the image of a man who’s played 12 long hard years for one organization is why I love sports.

Dec 19 2017

As a genderqueer person I appreciate this article and thought it was well-written and had lots of great advice that would probably be helpful to people who are new to the idea of gender neutral pronouns, but oh god I shouldn’t have read the comments /o\

Jun 26 2017

Does Deadspin employ an Editor to check these articles for grammatical mistakes? I counted at least three in this one. It’s going to be difficult for Deadspin to remain so condescending with this many grammatical issues.

Mar 14 2017

Cool. We’re not going to agree. Obviously others disagree, too, or she would not keep getting cast in interesting movies.

Jan 12 2017

Just for the fun of it, a distillation of all of the SHOUTING in this piece. Only punctuation included is from the article. Its Shakespearean... Read more

Nov 28 2016

HELP WANTED: One hockey coach, experience preferred. Travel a must, excellent benefits, and competitive pay. Salary growth potential with successful performance. Slight chance that when the relationship sours candidate will be publicly shunned by team and humiliated hundreds of miles from home in front of sports Read more