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It’s still a malarial swamp, it’s just that all the blood suckers now occupy one area.

The guns are custom, as are all of the heads. Read more

I don’t think Lego has made that level of realistic firearms (for some weird reason) but I know you can get minifig scale weapons online.
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You are quite literally bathed in “carcinogens” daily. Claiming something is emitting “carcinogens” without context is just blatant sensationalism to scare people who don’t read these things with a critical eye. What exactly is the claimed carcinogen, how many ppm of the substance can be measured in the atmosphere, is Read more

“Slowly releasing carcinogens into the air”.

So uhhh...where’s the unicorn? Read more

She looks exactly like Yennefer from Witcher 3...what...sorcery is this.. :D Read more

I wasn’t aware of this change but your professional, intelligent and insightful posts will be sorely missed on a page which is veering ever more towards a worrying mix of pointless whimsy and poorly-researched fluff pieces. I’ll definitely be following you on thedrive, best of luck with it! Read more

All the best Tyler. We (or at least, I) have really enjoyed you here. Read more

They could, but odds are it would be faster/cheaper to just go to the same group and buy the info from them.
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Well Jesus was an historical fact. That isn’t debateable. Read more

NO ITS OUR FAULT DIDNT YOU READ. Anything that happens on earth from now untill ever is the direct cause of man. Earth will never again be allowed to change climates as this would displace us, and also make us feel guilty. Read more

I just want to be human! I want to learn, and do science!
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