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Apr 18 2016

In October of 2014 the DEA bumped hydrocodone and a number of other opiates from schedule 3, to schedule 2 as a response to the growing epidemic of habitual users. This required the patient return to the doctor each time a refill was needed. It became much more difficult to obtain any regulated prescription opiate Read more

Apr 14 2016

Geez russia, that’s a nice Su-24 you got there.
It’d be a shame is somebody...


Apr 12 2016

At least she’s got the whole, “don’t wear loose clothing” thing covered...
or uncovered depending on your perspective.

Apr 5 2016

“My Ayahuasca trip made me sad that [Paul Walker] left me here. It wasn’t a sadness that he’s gone, it was more of a jealously that he’s there first.”
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Mar 29 2016

Each city is different; in Dallas you will see a good number of Range Rovers and Lexuses (Lexi?).
Austin of course has a lot of smart cars, Priuses (Prii?) and bicyclists.
Houston produces a pretty high number of SLABs.

All over Texas, especially in the smaller cities and towns, you will see lifted trucks and lowered Read more

Mar 28 2016

I saw that god damn commercial so many fucking times; I will NEVER forget the phrase, “Grounded to the ground.”
When I’m old and senile and tell my children, who I can remember are my children, that the nurses are stealing all my good drugs, I will STILL be able to remember, “Grounded to the ground.”

Mar 25 2016

Actually the ME-262 was the world’s first operational jet fighter, Introduced in April 1944.
So they beat everyone to the punch when it came to jet fighters.
but obviously they didn’t build any for a good while after the war.