1:11 PM

Really well. I too don’t know if that’s at least partially because I tend to agree with her, but I’d say she is more consistent than the liberal justices (ex. Earl Warren) of the past. A very straight shooter. I do think her remarks about the death penalty today were outside the scope of the question before the Court, Read more

12:13 PM

When I see or learn of a truly impartial judge, I’ll let you know (unless I die of shock first). They are all too human, most of them used to be DAs, and interpreting the law is, let’s face it, more of an art (contortionism) than a science. Read more

2:37 PM

Thank you for sharing. It’s always interesting to see how pregnancy/maternity leave and women’s reproductive rights are viewed (and legislated) in other countries. From what I’ve read and heard, Canada and most countries in Europe are far more progressive and give women and their partners waaayy more help during and Read more