Dec 12

With all due respect, I’m not sure you have a firm grasp on the dog-whistle complaint of American conservatives against socialism. It is, almost without fail, a tirade against taking something from them (viewed to be a hard-working person not benefiting from privilege or institutional systems assisting them and just Read more

Nov 18

Yeah... All this toothless Oscarbait like [scrolls up] Holy Motors, Under the Skin, Computer Chess, Green Room, Dogtooth, Tangerine, The Witch, Spring Breakers, Uncle Boonmee, A Ghost Story... Nothing out of the ordinary here at all.

Nov 18

that all manage to be engrossing and entertaining standalone films at worst” - I beg to differ on all of them being engrossing and/or entertaining personally but I get your point. I don’t agree with you, but you are entitled to your opinion on this. Read more

Nov 18

I’d argue some of the greatest films ever made have extremely simple plots, so that isn’t a disqualifier. The Wizard of Oz, Halloween, and Alien immediately come to mind. 

Nov 18

All the comic book films are basically the same, except Spiderverse which is genuinely wonderful. 

Nov 18

Because the movies are not that great. Winter Soldier is the best they put out and even then it does not make my top 5 of Comic movies. Read more

Nov 15

Justified is, I think, far more rewatchable than almost every “Prestige TV Drama” that aired this decade.

Nov 13

asdkfjdk my GOD woman, get your head out of your ass. Sarah, you write shitty teen romance YA, you’re not out here writing the next Booker Prize novel. Of course a college junior, who is presumably in her twenties and you know, at university to challenge herself academically, wants to read something with more Read more

Nov 12

I think season 2 was widely misunderstood (and a lot of critics had the knives out for it before it even came out), but it doesn’t even matter if 2 and 3 were dogshit (not that they were): You can’t possibly tell me a show with the kind of cultural impact season 1 had doesn’t even belong in the top one hundred shows Read more

Nov 11

Justified is one of my all-time favorite shows and I’d say stands up with the best TV of the past decade.

Nov 11

Yay Justified! I may have DVR’d great shows like GOT, Mad Men, and Breaking Bad, but I always watched Justified live. It’s not as “good” a show as those others, but it was almost always the most enjoyable show of the week for me.

Nov 4

I really wish there was some sort of sports and politics combo to discuss this madness further! Or one take on it on the sports page, and another on the politics page!

Oct 31

I started typing a really long, really sappy message to you, Drew, but I just deleted it. Instead I’ll just say that your work here has meant a lot to me for almost a decade, and I’ll be reading your work wherever else that might be.