May 7 2018

I mean, you insert yourself into every comment section so do you really not get the impulse?

Mar 29 2018

So what is your thing that you hate that everyone that you love loves? Read more

Jul 20 2017

It should just be Community (Minus that serial commentator).

Jul 17 2017

Eventually it will just be scrawled semi-monthly on inside-out Lean Cuisine boxes, and found in the weeds along freeway exits and under Wendy’s drive-through menu boards. Read more

Jul 10 2017

Hey, sounds like kidzilla knows what’s up, fucking with authority already. Read more

May 12 2017

Anna would love to have a tomato plant named after her! We grew tomatoes in in a large container on my deck the last two years: the first year she named the tomato plant Tina Fey, and last year it was Amy Poehler. We were big in anthropomorphism generally. We had A LOT of names to keep track of. Read more

May 9 2017

I mean, I knew she was dying, obviously, but I never stopped to think what the inevitable outcome was at the end: loss, absolute loss. Read more

May 9 2017

Thank you. You’re missing her semi-locally, and that seems especially nice. Read more

May 9 2017

Thanks. I agree, it seems inconceivable that people can leave so absolutely. I’ve never known anyone I was close to die, before this.

May 8 2017

I’m sorry for your loss. Thinking you should call them, buy something for them, etc. is always such a weird part of grieving. Read more

May 8 2017

I know it’s the dumbest thing, but every now and then I’m still momentarily shocked that parents die. That parents even get old.
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Nov 26 2013

*rattles empty wineglass in your general direction*

Nov 25 2013

Heh. Whenever I see a "Goodbye Cruel World" post, my first thought is always "Oh boy, I hope Slay has a good supply of blood pressure meds on hand."