6:16 PM

See: Bridget Jones’s Diary, Transparent, Unreal. They should have stopped after the first, after that it just explored horrible people being horrible. We already have Girls for that itch.

11:46 AM

Yeah. I know she’s one of Jezebel’s spirit animals, but I don’t share the sentiment. On top of performing for a dictator for money, she’s never struck me as someone who shares the same reality as the rest of us. Read more

4:43 PM

I stopped watching it years ago.... but man oh man, this makes me a little sad

9:41 PM

The tech aspects may not have been her fault. She could not sing live and that’s legit. She still handled it like an ass. There are so many people who could’ve charmed the crowd, and wit her her decade so if experience, I’m honestly shocked she didn’t handle that better. She’s a total diva, but usually a bit more Read more

7:21 PM

Sorry, the problem was with a drunk Diva who did not soundcheck, was disoriented due to intoxicants and who cannot get her stories straight after the fact. Not the first time and won’t be the last. Not sure who you worked for but I have never, ever seen a situation where the talent said their kit wasn’t working and it Read more

7:15 PM

Yep. Mariah has raw talent but was never a committed and dedicated performer. With that voice, I guess she didn’t have to be one. Now that she’s getting older and lazier, the cracks are starting to show. Those old school performers like Patti would have never stopped trying. Like hell would they have been embarrassed Read more

5:54 PM

The thing about trashily flinging shade around like it’s endlessly fungible is that when you fuck shit up, you’re going to get dog piled and no one is going to defend you at all.

5:51 PM

Despite her perhaps once unrivalled talent as a studio singer (yes, shade) and all her vamping, Mariah’s never struck me as particularly assured live performer (a la her “godmother” Patti LaBelle, who would just shoe-throw and octave-jump her way through any technical difficulty up to and including nuclear war). And Read more

5:32 PM

I just saw her Christmas show in NYC. She sang live, and hit all her notes. She still has it, no doubt. Read more

5:25 PM

Let’s face it, Mariah has been a messy diva since before the “Glitter” days. I wasn’t even surprised when this NYE thing happened. I honestly would have been kinda shocked if she went out and gave a tight show like a seasoned pro. That’s just not who she is.

1:42 PM

I think her terrible plastic surgery railroaded her career. Everything about it was very off-brand for her.

6:07 PM

She had a baby with Jermaine Dupree 40 bajillion years ago. We all know it.

7:08 PM

So you’re telling me that a performer who has been doing this for over thirty years cannot find the key and the beat even though the dancers seemed to hear the music just fine? What’s her excuse for giving up, talking through the song and not even finishing the dance steps? The lambs are always making excuses for Read more

5:45 PM

In the sense that she was hired, at great expense, to go out on stage and sing she is kind of a dancing monkey — or more precisely, a singing one. Read more

5:10 PM

My husband once pissed me off before a flight. I stared out the window in silence for three hours, out the bus window for one hour and then through a 30 minute information session at the hotel, before finally continuing our fight once ensconced in our room. These people need to be sentenced to a rage repression Read more