Jul 23 2016

are you confusing her with susan atkins? leslie van houten has been a model prisoner for 40+ years. she was in a cult when she commited the crimes, and i really believe she’s a sane person today who poses no threat.

Oct 13 2015

I’m telling you, whoever is writing for her HATES her. See ‘backyard-cum-feasting hall’.

Sep 27 2015

That was five years ago. They’re back now. But straight legs are classic and flattering.

Sep 17 2015

In the show Caitlyn is shown making Kylie wash her make up off before school and being undermined by Kris. Also, Bruce was the one doing the school runs and basicly all the heavy lifting, while Kris worked all the time and by her own admission sometimes went weeks without speaking to Kylie. Read more

Sep 11 2015

Let med guess... Your definition of beauty= Barbie. Your definition of Shrek= dark skin, broad nose, muscular, african hair, thick lips, african features. Yeah, that’s got nothing to do with race. Read more

Sep 5 2015

In my mind, you are calling her ‘Lady Bus Driver’ to the tune of the Prince song.

Sep 4 2015

Sorry, in Europe here. Genuinely don’t get it. What if she doesn’t show up for work, or drink all day and puke at her desk.. is there absolutely nothing she could do that would make her lose her job?

Aug 31 2015

What does ‘their faces would be blackened’ mean? That they will be beaten?

Aug 6 2015

What? They actually shaved the sons head because the father lost an election? Jesus wept.

Aug 1 2015

I want to see that! Too bad you can’t remember the name. Was is BBC? Anything you know?

Jul 27 2015

I don’t know, I don’t see a big difference between Kim K or Farrah Fawcett or Pamela Anderson or Megan Fox or whichever beautiful personho is mostly on tv for her looks. I mean, I have seen a few actresses who aren’t exactly Leonardo Da Vinci-level talented. She is able to emote and often it’s hard to tell exactly Read more