Mr Ordinary
2/13/20 7:28PM

“The principal purpose of the Huawei Enterprise was to grow the global ‘Huawei’ brand into one of the most powerful telecommunications equipment and consumer electronics companies in the world by entering, developing and dominating the markets for telecommunications and consumer electronics technology and services in Read more

2/13/20 5:02PM

The Chinese must be kicking themselves that they didn’t do a better job buying GOP Senators like the Russians did.

2/13/20 4:53PM

Hey, China, I heard some rumors that our President is also part of a criminal enterprise. Wanna lend a hand? Kinda don’t have a ton of faith in our FBI, or DOJ, at the moment.

8/27/19 2:17AM

‘It’s mildly comical that modern cars have become as easy to take as they were in the 80’s or possibly even easier as the video shows.‘ Read more

8/02/19 5:45PM

I pity where you must live and the commute you must have, because I promise you I use all 640 hp of my manual car on my commute. It’s possible to enjoy a fast car on public roads, and “slow car fast” talk around here is an epidemic.

8/02/19 5:27PM

I drove a 570S and a 458 Italia back to back on public roads. The McLaren was leagues easier and more enjoyable to drive. Aside from sound, just generally all-around embarrassed the Italian. 

8/02/19 5:26PM

There was a time when I thought this, and though it certainly applies to some car (the 458 comes to mind), the McLaren 570S (and so I suspect this car, as well) is a blast on the street. It is still loads of fun at lower speeds, and it’s very easy to drive. It makes 600hp feel as reasonable as the 200hp hat comes in a Read more

8/02/19 4:16PM

This may be a totally fair assessment given your use in your location, but I (and I will admit- based on experience in a 570, not 600) disagree with much of it. Read more

7/03/19 4:40PM

Yeah, tell me how conservatives don’t try to control people. Really, I need a laugh today.

7/03/19 3:27AM

It’s safer because when the traffic is stopped you’re safely ensconced between two stopped cars either side of you, rather that sitting at the back of a line of traffic waiting for a distracted driver to plough right up your arse. Read more

5/13/19 12:01PM

Seriously, name one company that lost a billion dollars to China. Thats a huge accusation to make with no proof

5/13/19 11:42AM

So A) Cite a source. and B) Trump lost a billion dollars due to gross incompetence, not because of outside influences.

5/13/19 11:09AM

It is not just Chinese goods. It is goods by American companies manufactured om China that are also hit by the heavy tariffs. Read more

5/13/19 10:48AM

Our culture of abundance is highly dependent on Chinese made goods. Higher prices on Chinese goods might mean marginally more US made goods, but overall, it means less stuff. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it will be a wake-up call for the average US consumer as we all adjust to having less.

5/13/19 10:15AM

Their is no reason for the U.S. Consumer to pay the Tariffs, which take effect on China today.

4/07/19 1:29PM

Yes, but the money goes to companies who don’t have any emissions issues and they in turn use that for more sustainability and possibly more products. In the short-term, you’re right. In the long-term, it generates a business case for less emissions thereby making it sustainable without government subsidies. It’s a Read more

3/21/19 1:40PM

Obviously our healthcare is better. More expensive means better. Why skimp on your health? Why would you want to get treated for $60 when you could get a luxury $20,000 treatment?