Occam's Toothbrush
8:55 PM

My heart soars like a hawk to see this.  Greyed or un-greyed, it matters not to me; I’m just really happy to see some of the best commenters taking the spirit of Gawker to a new place.  Bless you for this.  Now I’m off to whip up some burnt offerings for your success (by which I mean of course an extra strong Read more

7:29 PM

They scream “hearsay!” and yet they confirm the content of the call wherein Trump asks for help on Biden after Zelensky asks about military assistance. Read more

9:12 PM

Wait- what? Paused WHAT action? And his mom was talking about BUFFERING? Like- what?? Am I to understand that there is a male out there who was able to lure a young lady to his residence, and that he proceeded to make out with said lady, and then paused said make-out session so he could show a video of his mother Read more

1:10 PM

I’ve been waiting to see some analyses of latinx and black voters who vote with Republicans notwithstanding everything repugnant.  I suspect you’re right, that a lot of it is driven by religious identity.  I’d be curious to see how much these populations vote against Democrats on account of Democrats’ support for Read more

3:19 PM

Thanks for posting this, because I read that Atlantic article and thought, “Wait a second-- not THAT Randall Terry???”  Then I looked at the pic, and it didn’t look like the dude I remembered (I thought he had curly hair, but it was like 25 years ago), and, more to the point, I figured the article would have mentioned Read more

2:07 PM

I tend to avoid Trump’s Twitter account because self-care, but I had to check to see if those tweets were real. And yeah, they are real— if “unreal” can be considered “real” (which is all we have in the Trumpverse). Read more