Oct 26 2019

The C5 FRC looks fantastic and even though the numbers look dumb next to 2020 numbers, they are still ridiculously real world fast. HP numbers are so inflated now people think 350+ is slow.

Feb 19 2019

That is not a frame - that is abstract art.  The only way that Jeep is going to Moab is if you sandblast off everything that isn’t rust and carry what remains in a bucket.

Jul 31 2018

Have you ever farted on your phone, because the only safe place for it was between your legs? NOT ANY MORE! Our butt plug with tractor beam has an (optional) fart shield!

Jul 30 2018

I was thinking this. I fucking hate these. 

Oct 29 2015

lol you inferred the rotary isn’t an oil burner.

Aug 27 2015

So basically, the car was being safe, but the cyclist was being an asshole and causing the problem. Got it. Not exactly unknown behavior.

Feb 18 2015

What the fuck are wrong with catalytic convertors? Catalytic converters are modern miracles. They DRAMATICALLY reduce the harmful emissions from vehicles (by a huge amount...we're not talking a little thing here...a lot of people underestimate what they do), and do so in a way that is extremely power and fuel Read more

Jan 14 2015

No, don't EVER put on your hazard lights while driving down the road. This eliminates the ability for people to see your indicators, or even your brake lights if you're driving an American car (most likely). It's such a terrible idea and I hate it when people do that.

Nov 17 2014

You don't need those coolers if you're drag racing it, same with the Brakes. They know that as track-oriented as this is, a good 60-70% of them won't be under full load for anything longer than 1 mile.

Oct 10 2014

Only if you are an Argentinian. To everyone else it is quite funny.

Jun 13 2014

Might not rank as the greatest of all time, but certainly epic: Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman's global circumnavigation on the BMW R1150GS. 18,887 miles.