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I have that combo. It’s astonishingly good. Will definitely order an M11 next week :) Read more

Correction, “he was on the [sidewalk] trying to escape from a mob of violent rioters. Read more

I’ve done around 1000 miles in a ~24hr period (Berkeley to San Diego and back). When I was 20. Never, ever again. Read more

I just asked Mercedes about the furthest she’s ever driven a Smart in a single day, and she said 1,500 miles” Read more

Haven’t seen this comment yet - what are the odds it’s a tourist in a rental car, not being used to the driving position being on the opposite side of the car? Read more

Nowhere in that article does it say there was a contract of sale, particularly with the dealership.  Read more

I put the same CF wheels on my SF V4S, they were around $4K installed. That dry clutch is, IIRC, around $2K installed, and $1K for the rearsets (seriously, when did rearsets get THAT expensive?) Read more

Keep the hybrid, and hypercar dies. Same reason LMP1-H died. No one wanted to invest. Read more

He could - this car is capable of being faster - he is limited by non-hybrid rules. Read more

The amount of BS coming out of so many of your butts is rather impressive, including the author. What Jim is saying is he wants an improved BOP - which includes ALLOWING him to make his car faster. The car is capable of 800+ HP, but he’s limited by ACO to current power levels. Read more

Take your damn star. I hope you enjoy it. Read more

Wealthy automotive enthusiasts can’t be trusted.” Read more

Heh, I was a consultant there in my 20s. And was there that day. There is sooooo much more background to that story that has nothing to do with scams or politics.  Read more

ExpressVPN and set to UK. Watching on YouTube now.  Read more

Does that yellow LaF have an entirely red interior?! Criminal. Read more

Had this on my first Ferrari. Now I have WWTSD (What Would the Stig Do). Read more

Take it up a notch. The STRIPE on my Pista cost $13K. Ridiculous. But I got $50K over sticker when I sold the car a year later ;) Read more

Agree. Very, very fortunate.  Read more