Would one use this in conjunction with one of those curved back/lumbar support thingies, or is it either/or?  Read more

Would one use this in conjunction with one of those curved back/lumbar support thingies, or is it either/or? 

Ssshhhhhhh! Let’s all just sit back, shut up and smile while the idiot (a) pisses off the entire world and (b) makes himself a more visible target. Read more

In a just world, when he leaves office, they’ll throw him out of AF One mid flight.   Read more

White immigrant, amirite? Or are you an upper caste Hindu scumbag? Please take a knife and stab yourself over and over. The world doesn’t need any more racist scumbags like you, thanks. Read more

turn the fucking Mayflower around! children and grandchildren, and great great great great grandchildren of illegal immigrants shouldn’t be allowed to stay just because they were born here. Read more

As a legal immigrant from Europe, yes, it did need to be posted on the whole site. And I have the greatest sympathy for people coming here to seek asylum, or who are just trying to create a better life for their families.
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Are you literally asking for a safe space from a blog post Read more

Yeah I lost my virginity at 24 and didn’t blame men for it. I never thought other people owed me sex or companionship. But I also had a lot of my own personal reasons so a large part of that time I guess you would say I was voluntarily celibate, because I wasn’t trying to have sex. I don’t really relate to this thing Read more

Oh, we use those little stovetop Mokas—seriously, I have them in 4 different sizes—and he ships us the Goppion coffee. Read more

His two Super Bowl years been stellar runs of having a horsehoe rammed up his butt with Lady Luck brand lube, but apart from that he’s never won a playoff game. Read more

You seem to have no sensitivity for us white dudes. Why, it was just the other weekend I was at the country club, trying to boost my mood over a glass of 20-year-old Glenlivet, telling Charles and Drew and Monty III how poorly my hedge fund manager was working my portfolio. Read more

If you subscribe I don’t think there are commercials... there aren’t on spotify anyway. Read more

I had a similar experience in SW Pennsylvania. I don’t know if people there are actually more racist but they certainly feel more comfortable making racist comments out loud. Read more

Shhhh, you’re fucking up the narrative. Read more

Same. Seen tons of confederate flags in Indiana and michigan. Might as well just walk around in Klan gear at that point. Read more

I wish I could give you 10,000 stars. I grew up in Grafton, WV but spent alot of time in Elkins and down south in Bluefield. I KNOW how people are in WV and the vast majority of people there are extremely racist. As a POC they made my life a living hell. When I turned 18 I got out of there as fast as I could. Read more

As someone who gave living in West Virginia a try (I’m originally from California, lived in WV for about two years, then moved back to CA) there were some good points to this article, but I think you really underplay the role of racism/sexism in Donald Trump’s election there. When I was living in WV, I routinely heard Read more

If there’s anyone out there that actually thinks being poor is simple, then they deserve a right punch in the face. Read more

Full lips and ample posteriors earn women of color ridicule. But they suddenly become beautiful when adorned by white woman. Read more

Hmm. The History Chicks, The History of Rome, The History of Hannibal, Grammar Girl, Pseudopod, the British History Podcast, Mental Illness Happy Hour, and Meditation Oasis. Read more