Mother Of Unicorns
5:14 PM

I’m trying really hard not to be overly harsh right now but are you fucking kidding me? Let the girl wear a princess dress and go play at a princess party with her friends. If the Mom hadn’t resisted so much her daughter might be over this phase already. A girl wearing a princess dress doesn’t make her weak just like Read more

3:34 PM

You’re right. For some reason I thought he showed up later in S2 but it’s been awhile since I rewatched that season entirely & apparently my memory is fading

2:05 PM

I would count Rory as a full companion since he was in every episode of Series 6. Once he came back in The Pandorica opens he was in every episode until The Angels Take Manhattan. Read more

6:38 PM

Actually I had a boyfriend who used a latex condom, it put me in the hospital & caused a kidney infection. Come to find out despite using them before I developed a severe allergy. Nothing ever comes without risk.

1:22 PM

Prior to the massive fall out of her affair with Brad was Angelina doing this kind of work? Not really. Her public image changed dramatically after the affair came to light, it was a way to fix her “tarnished” image especially since this wasn’t the first time she broke up a couple. Mixed with her open past abuse of Read more

8:19 PM

The same people who bought the shit out of the capsule collection she released with MAC. WOC since they are underrepresented in the cosmetics industry.

10:05 PM

The skirt is awful but still for Katy this is a good red carpet look. I think they’re still together, but who knows.

8:11 PM

This is probably Katy Perrys best Grammys look ever. She usually looks a mess, so this is a step up. The color of the dress is great, I’m just not sold on the entire dress.

8:07 PM

The best part is it wasn’t able to be zipped all the way up. It clearly is a custom gown & whoever made it, doesn’t even like her.

6:21 PM

Maybe he genuinely likes her companionship or he wanted a trophy wife. Or he likes lording his intelligence and wealth over her.

2:09 PM

Maybe Speigel is asexual? Those leaked emails read like someone who’s never had sex but would like to make it seem he might have. He isn’t bad looking so I imagine if he wanted to get some when he was in college he would have been able to.

4:33 PM

I despise Macy’s. I’ve worked retail and I just can’t explain why I hate them so much. The customer service is awful, the clothes are not worth even half of what they’re charging, they shut down the best parts of the regional department stores they bought up. I remember when Macy’s was Marshall Fields and before that Read more

6:26 PM

My mom didn’t have it in her to argue with me constantly. I had a ton of the glittery tshirts that said things like “so cute” on them. The actual inappropriate stuff was a no go but they had some stuff that wasn’t awful Read more

5:31 PM

Every time my mom and I went into Wet Seal was a disaster. It ended up with her telling me something I wanted was inappropriate and me getting super angry. Looking back she was right, no 14 year old needs a sheer crop tank top with sequins that was ugly as sin anyways. I also got a skirt from there and when my dad saw Read more