Wrong 'Em Boyo
Dec 22

Targas.... the world needs more targas. Even 4 door crossovers should have a targa option. Targa everything. This should not be a concept... it should absolutely be produced by the factory... this ups the appeal of the Supra immensely.... it lends cohession to it’s design not having continuity.... breakjng up the roof Read more

Dec 18

I assume the Darksaber can’t cut through Beskar because it’s a lightsaber, and it’s been established that lightsabers in general can’t cut through Beskar. We see this specifically when Ahsoka battles Din and he’s able to fend off her lightsaber with his gauntlets. Read more

Nov 4

y’all this is gud parsh I don’t care what you say this is the guddest parsh to ever el parshamino it up with a parsh
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Oct 26

Interesting. So if there is water, that means there could potentially be life. What life is found in water? Whales. So logically, soon we should find:

Oct 26

This ice could produce water for drinking, but it could also be used to produce rocket fuel”

Oct 5

Wasn’t the entire purpose and spirit of the toyobarus to be a canvas in which YOU can easily work on? It provides you with a base that is the bare minimum of acceptable, under the assumption you’d be wrenching on it yourself? Read more

Sep 27

Gumball Rally ranks pretty high up there. I do have a decently long list of movies that I love and would put in this catagory.

Sep 4

“Crown cut” sounds fancy but it’s just the normal way that boards are sawn from a log. Quarter sawn is actually more expensive because it’s more complicated and creates more waste, but it gives you a different grain pattern which is sometimes preferred. Quarter sawn boards are also more dimensionally stable.

Aug 10

Related: “Big-Ass Fans” is actually a name-brand HVLS fan company that I deal with quite a bit in my profession.

Aug 6

Here you go. $25k, just under 80,000 miles, a manual, and you’re welcome.