Wrong 'Em Boyo
Jan 5

Well done, Brad. I’ve been daily’ing a ‘13 Leaf for the last 4 years, and I fully agree with your assessment. Read more

Oct 6

I was in the Bay Area in 2006, driving a brand-new Rallye Red Civic Si, and I remember that traffic all too well. I probably missed this photo shoot because I was too busy bombing down Fish Ranch Road, banging the tach off the limiter all the way. 

Dec 9 2019

Toss-up between my dad’s Giulia Spider and his TR3. Pictured: not his actual cars, but similar to what I remember. I guess I’ll give the tiebreaker to the TR3 because I can remember actually riding in it (on the parcel shelf, as I recall).

Nov 6 2019

My dad and his brothers were always big racing fans, drove autocross, etc. One of my uncles drove Formula Ford briefly. So I basically inherited the bug. We lived in Sonoma County when I was young, and I have early memories of watching races on the grass at Sears Point. I guess it got into my psyche and never left.

Oct 7 2019

Just 5 years until I can live my Gran Turismo fantasies. That and trip over a bag of cash in unmarked bills ...

Jul 13 2019

Pretty sure being white, rich and well-connected, are sufficient for justice not to be served. Are you going to tell us that the Holocaust never happened next or that we murder Christian children to make matzah?

Jul 9 2019

Seems like a case of convergent evolution to me. Separate lineages responding to similar environments and pressures end up looking similar, e.g sharks and dolphins.

Jun 25 2019

The Formula Appliance feeder series will run karts powered by KitchenAid stand mixers. That's stump-pullin' torque right there.

Jun 25 2019

Can poors like me just get one of those'60s steering wheels? It'll never work in my car, I just want to hang it on the wall.

Jun 22 2019

I feel like every Hilux in the world is like 80% rat rod already, so why not take it all the way. I love that you can still recognize the original truck under it all. This is light years a better truck than any lifted bro-dozer.

Jun 13 2019

Alfa T33 Stradale. We need more of that beautiful shape in the world.

May 11 2019

Oh yeah, if he really wanted to, Gandalf could wipe the floor with Dumbledore without breaking a sweat. TBH, though, I’m struggling to imagine a scenario that would bring them into mortal combat in the first place. Read more

Mar 13 2019

I’ll buy most of that, but I’m not too sure about those safety slings. If the roof structure can’t handle the centaurs’ weight, no way will it restrain them in a wreck. And even if it can, I’m picturing several centaur-shaped pendulums swinging forward and up through the windshield. I think you’d at least need some Read more

Jan 28 2019

“I also noticed that the car noticeably carries its speed, in a strange and almost alarming way. A Mazda engineer told me they all wished they could have worked in more engine-braking (for the automatic), but that efficiency ultimately had to rule the day.” Read more

Jan 21 2019

Small body, 2 doors, drop top. Give it a curvy body and bold colors. Let me enjoy my electric commute with some breeze in my hair.