I look forward to the day when the “metaverse” is looked at as “Zucker’s Folly” Read more

I think I’ve heard of them, had no idea what they are.
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What they sell vs reality ?

Just drove by a gas station about 30 minutes ago in Northern Kentucky and 93 Octane was $3.54/gallon. Got home and plugged in my car.
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Given the absolute horror show that social media has shown itself to be, do we think any social media sites will still exist in ten years’ time? I’d never heard of letterboxd, and if they provide a service of value to their individual users then I wish them a happy outcome, but I do wonder whether the time of anything Read more

I realize this could’ve happened anywhere, but... Read more

i hope nothing happens, but something always does. i enjoy letterboxd. its a fun way to keep track of what ive been watching with my friends online. Read more

Yea oil prices have not moved that much in the last month and East coast prices have not moved much either. Read more

Oceanside, CA - Thursday September 28th, 2023:

Another reason for the high gas prices: Read more

Come to Austin, Houston, San Antonio or D/FW and commute by bike over the summer. I’d love to know how to do it “correctly.”  Read more

Just outside Houston in Waller.  Dad wasn’t a cop but was very friendly with the local sheriff (town only has 3,000 people).  I was actually trying to find any news about the case just a few days ago out of curiosity and haven’t found any updates since he was charged. Read more

Yeah, that seems likely. Commuting of ANY form among white collar workers overall is down, after all. Read more

Yup, this. The U.S. has a very low bar for what is considered bike infrastructure. Four feet of bike lane painted green? Great. I’m still sharing the road with 5,000 pounds of metal passing me going 50 MPH.
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Remember when that guy in the big truck tried to roll coal to “own” a bunch of cyclists and ended up plowing into them, critically injuring some of them, and wasn’t charged with anything? And it turned out his dad was a cop I think? Read more

Your coworkers disagree sweaty boi. Read more

We have built a lot of bike infrastructure but the question is, how much of it is truly functional? Like, in my city we have an impressive array of dedicated bike paths and these are fantastic for getting from, say, my neighborhood to the farmer’s market downtown. BUT, we don’t have a lot of neighborhood focused bike Read more

Showers were my biggest need until I moved to Texas. Then I simply had to decide that my life is worth more than the few grand I would save by not driving. Read more

Methinks it’s the GIANT FRIGGIN TRUCKS everywhere driving without signaling, stopping or giving way. Nothing like “sharing the road” with armed drivers in 2 ton vehicles.
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