Well, it was not on his head at that point, and it was off. I would be trying to get out, not rock it around so that maybe it would hurt me or the other driver more. But maybe I’m not built like Lewis.  Read more

I’ve seen some people (including in the comments here) complaining something along the lines that Max ran over Hamilton’s head... which he kind of did. But Max wasn’t in control of his car when that happened and could hardly have known Lewis’ head was under his tire. Read more

Cool, I have two of the items on this list. I’m counting installing a 4" lift on a Mk 4 Golf under the lifting a 3rd gen Outback and I have the KO2's to match the lift. My Golf is a manual diesel so even after upsizing the tires it still has plenty of power, for what it is. Plus the extra side wall thickness make it

Have to disagree with you. If you know how to set them up and get the correct spring rates coilovers can be a large improvement over stock. The problem is people who buy the cheapest ones possible and wonder why their car now is stiff as shit and rides terribly. Read more

There’s a lot to unpack here so I’ll keep it simple... what the fuck are these suggestions?! Read more

I dislike lift kits. For anything other than a dedicated off-roading rig, it introduces compromises that I’m not willing to make. Where is your SUV going to live most of the time? Be honest when you ask yourself that, and mod your car accordingly. Read more

The wagon revolution starts with mandated wagons for cops. Read more

Why would someone be afraid of rioters surrounding their vehicle. It isn’t as though that has resulted in injuries to the driver before./s

Wait. So where do I get my map of where protesters are closing off streets so I know whether or not I have a “legitimate” reason to be in the area? Read more

Came here to say this. If I’m driving around and my vehicle is suddenly surrounded by protesters who try to break in my window (to be confirmed but surely looks this way in the video and is the common theme across the country) you’re damn right I’m flooring it regardless of who or what is in front of me.  That just Read more

So someone jumps in front of your vehicle to stop you with their bicycle and their body while someone else tries to break out your windows (which you can clearly see in the video) and you don’t think flooring it and getting out of there is a good idea? I’m sorry he hit someone, but it’s completely understandable.

There Read more

By making much ado about nothing? Okay Read more

Yeah, I think I’m just about done being told how racist I am by this website. Goodbye jalopnik, I'll be over on thedrive. Read more

I think he is saying that you look like a dumbass, which confirms the dumbassery of your comment. But that’s just a guess. Read more

Why. in. the. hell. wouldn’t you replace the ball joints and seals BEFORE sticking the axle under the Jeep? The fuck is wrong with you man!? Read more

Whatever Ghosn actually did, I do not trust the Japanese justice system, so I can understand why he would go to such great lengths to get out. Read more

BMW: “Fuck, what are we going to name our new model now?” Read more

About the same as a healthy adult dying from corona virus Read more

Why not have a WO32... or Moobuckaw’s idea and make it a W036... two of the engines attached at their base. So you have an upper and lower parts.
Read more