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Jul 2

Woo-hoo! Equally challenging!

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Jul 2

I’m in line at the DMV, which reopened maybe 3 days ago. Let’s race!

Jul 1

I’m still wondering why Lincoln and Cadillac don’t make a super premium pickup.  Could you imagine the stampede of people to get a 108 month loan on a new Mark LT. 

Jun 30

West Virginia as in the state that split off Virginia because they didn’t want to leave the Union and join the confederacy West Virginia? I’m Australian and even I know that.

Jun 29

That is absolutely the first thing I noticed. If she would’ve tripped while walking behind her husband, well that would one way to become a widow.

Jun 29

Not only is that woman holding that gun entirely wrong but she has her finger on the fucking trigger the whole time! Even her dipshit husband seems to know better than that. She should be arrested for reckless endangerment. 

Jun 26

Man, do you also go around offering drinks to alcoholics?

Jun 26

Neutral: Yes I am, but that's because I had COVID back in March, and am in all likelihood immune and not shedding the virus. Yes I still wear masks and stay apart from people. I don't want anyone to get it, it's fucking awful.

Jun 18

Or just rent a storage unit and write the costs off as a business expense, since hoarding and disassembling vehicles is your vocation. Read more

Jun 16

This is funny, but also begs the question what’s so different between Harley making the same bikes for 40 years, and FCA never bothering to replace the LX/LD platform that supports their lineup.

Jun 11

Kinda useless unless you can aim it at oncoming high beams.