MontegoMan562 is a Capri RS Owner
3:33 PM

Potential downturn in economy is the exact reason to fix them. They are valuable assets if you need to sell them in tight times - and they are worth more if they are fixed.

11:41 AM

The fun part of being a Corvette fan is that if you mile it could probably find a low mileage option for sale from some dudes garage. So you could straight up reset with a replacement C5 Z06 if you wanted.

11:29 PM

I mean, like I said haven't had the test so I can't 100% claim survivor status either. I think I'm going to be doing better. I've been working from home the whole time. Only took a nap mid day today tho. 

9:43 PM

Thanks, honestly I’m better than I was yesterday. Sorry if that came out angry, I’m just frustrated with the optics of this. Trump is at the podium telling people it’s no big deal we’ll be normal in 3 weeks and I’m like, you have NO IDEA how wide spread this is. And you're actively ignoring medical professionals Read more

9:40 PM

Thankfully I’ve been working from home for 9 days now. 2 other people have similar symptoms near where I sit tho, and I suspect the one woman who always comes into work when sick. She’s been ordered home 3 times in the past 12 months for showing up contagious with something. We can work from home I don’t understand Read more

9:36 PM

Probably. Sad part is I got back from California (LA area) 18 days ago from Michigan. So timeline suggests I flew safely to Cali and back to catch the damn thing at home.

4:54 PM

not to be a conspiracy theorist on you guys, but like i just said in another post I have symptoms that match covid-19. They told me NOT to go to a hospital and test. They are holding test kits for people with more severe symptoms and more at-risk patients. Read more

3:30 PM

“Normal” people don’t ever use masks right anyhow. The second you touch the mask or your face they’re toast. People aren’t able to not touch them. Healthcare pro’s are good at it. Read more