9:52 AM

I grew up in Oklahoma and can definitely say the education system does little to address the Civil War besides having you memorize a date range... that’s it, they do not get much deeper than that. Hell the longest Civics/US History discussion we ever had was over the Oklahoma Land Run and what a “Sooner” is. Until the Read more

3:47 PM

You forgot the mention the other conspirator, Paul Duffy. I believe he committed suicide right as things began to unravel or after the indictments. The entire Prenda Law saga is pretty fascinating to read.

9:24 AM

The truly scary thing is he probably could get elected here in Oklahoma. Name Recognition and Party Affiliation plays a huge role for the large majority of older voters here who don’t watch the news once the weather forecast finished. Just look at the governor and the idiots in the state government here, living proof Read more

2:56 PM

I have to admit Michael Harriot that even though I may not agree with all your articles I think you are a great reporter. I enjoy your writing style and appreciate your work.

1:42 PM

The solution is simple, send the entire collection of older games to a collector like myself!

2:28 PM

Clearances and background checks, even for people with no criminal or financial issues, can take years to complete because of the OPM background. Since you obviously just want to talk nonsense, you should go annoy people on Reddit.

9:22 AM

The other thing to consider with Chobits is everyone knew that they were just automated assistants and treated them as such, with a few obvious exceptions. The real humanization was developed within the story and not presented as a given from the start, Chi and her sister were exceptional circumstances as well and not Read more

10:35 AM

It’s this kind of ridiculousness that made me think twice about coming back to Oklahoma after I got out of the military. I am partially to blame because I did not vote previously but this state seems to regress even more every day. The State Senate and Governor are an embarrassment and instead of doing work for the Read more

1:58 PM

I was forced to unplug, I held the power for a solid two minutes (My finger was killing me!) and no change, hard reboot was the only option. I'm not sure if anyone else is experiencing this but I have also had issues with it doing random power resets after the update. I will be in the middle of a game or watching Read more

3:06 PM

I love the Persona series but I hate that they have changed the graphics in the Persona Q, I loved Persona 4 Golden and thought it was well done, the new graphics seem like a downgrade rather than a new release to a great series.