Money Hustard
Jul 12

Did you guys read the article? It seems like the guy didn’t build himself, but ordered a custom rig from a builder.

5-10 days is a pretty typical assembly time/shipping delay when you have some one build for you.

Jun 22

Died-in-the-wool, arch-conservative Republicans dont need to be racist to exist. Sometimes those folks let the party that the Bible represents be their compass as to who to vote for but just the thought that “all THOSE” people are exactly the PREjudice that we are trying to absolve. Judge people for their Read more

Mar 13

Seriously. What the fuck did I just read? A gay man runs for president, and the AV Club berates him for not being liberal enough. In the age of Trump when fascism, and nazis have become relevant in domestic politics, we’re going to point to this guy as being part of the problem, and give him a dressing down for not Read more

Feb 10

Your math is a little off. Crosstrek is larger inside...100.9 cu ft of passenger volume in the Crosstrek vs. 97.2 in the Civic hatch. The Civic does have a larger trunk without the backseat down but the Crosstrek has a bigger cargo space with the seats down. No argument about the driving though. Crosstrek is not that

Feb 10

I don’t know why you would expect a large price disparity between the Civic hatchback and Crosstrek. The Crosstrek is just your bog standard slowass Impreza hatchback with some plastic cladding instead of plastic vents and a small lift.

Feb 6

I am overdue for my annual viewing of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Feb 5

Co-worker's new LR was towed yesterday. It still has a temporary license plate.