Aug 25 2016

That was maybe my favorite reader submission for WYTS of all-time, probably because it sounds a lot like a few similar personal incidents.

Aug 25 2016

I can never spell it right on the first try and I don’t care to learn because who gives a fuck about that. Read more

Aug 9 2016

As someone who hated working out and mocked SoulCycle for awhile, I am now an at least once a week rider. I prefer Monster Cycle these days, but Soul is the only other studio I’d ride in if I had to choose, and they are the reason I am in better shape and not a raging alcoholic anymore. Love2Spin.

Jul 14 2016

What do you think is happening with Kourtney in this convo? Is she over Kayne and Kim? Is she tired of talking about T Swift? Is she day dreaming about her next cameo in Kylie’s snap story? Or is she legit asleep? Because I really think she could be asleep.

Jul 13 2016

I’m not sure I’d go back to 1902. You see, me and indoor plumbing have a love affair going on. Like, more than just hot water. It’s my indoor potty. In 1902, indoor plumbing was still in it’s infancy and sewer systems were not quite in widespread use. 2 ply paper wouldn’t be invented for a few more decades. And I like Read more

Jul 5 2016

I feel a little embarrassed that I was tricked into reading an entire sponsored post before I realized it was sponsored, but fuck it, I still want to rant about this asshole on the train (LA, not NY, but still). This assholes has his newspaper fully open, blocking about half of the walkway. And everyone who so much as Read more