Aug 9 2016

I moved from New York to Chicago in 2013 and there was NO Soul Cycle here. It was upsetting. Then, in the summer of 2014, we got one and now we have 3! Nice Soul Cycle people + nice Midwest people = best 45 minutes ever. Read more

Jul 14 2016

What do you think is happening with Kourtney in this convo? Is she over Kayne and Kim? Is she tired of talking about T Swift? Is she day dreaming about her next cameo in Kylie’s snap story? Or is she legit asleep? Because I really think she could be asleep.

Jun 20 2016

Okay so does no one know that Bran is alive?? Stansa made a comment about Rickon being the last male Stark. When will he make his grand entrance to Winterfell?

May 11 2016

I have seen this bag in the wild and am a big fan. Can the medium fit a laptop (mac pro) and gym clothes comfortably?

Apr 12 2016

A top sheet makes it impossible for me to properly make my bed, especially when said bed is touching 2 walls. No top sheet = well made bed

Mar 7 2016

We should really be referencing Zoom on a more regular basis. That show was gold. Arguably the first dance sequence I really nailed.

Jan 4 2016

Yes to this! I finally bucked up and bought a pair in September. My toes have never been happier! These suckers sell out fast though. I recommend buying before the winter hits. Also, size size down.

Yes to this! I finally bucked up and bought a pair in September. My toes have never been happier! These suckers sell

Oct 12 2015

I am constantly looking at the phone/computer/magazine/paper next to me while traveling. Especially on planes. My favorite is when the person next to me (or maybe in the row in front of me, across the aisle, etc) is playing a game of Suduko. I try to find the answers before them. I should really just pick up a Suduko Read more

Sep 23 2015

it doesn’t seem like Jay’s (Jason’s) mind exploded quite to the level of the videographer. Also, did Steve watch??

Sep 23 2015

The AaronLeff vs JardMonkey match up is insane! AaronLeff is pulling ahead in the last hours of voting but I’m really pulling for Team Baby Beard to pull through!

Sep 9 2015

Do you think Bumble, or any of these dating apps really, use bots? Bumble in particular seems to have a consistent stream of good looking guys (from my limited experience of looking at friends’ accounts). Makes me curious if they are building good looking profiles to get more users.

Aug 10 2015

Do these allegations against Ani have to do with what she and her dad were talking about? When she was telling him that she remembered her kidnapper’s face and he asked if she would turn herself in. What was that in reference too?