Mok, the Magic Man
Jun 12 2019

Of all the reactions to this story in the comments (many of them rightly condemning DD and pushing for a lengthy—if not lifetime—Twitch ban, because holy violation of privacy, Batman), the dude who felt the need to trot out “but what about the women who stream with visible cleavage” is perhaps my favorite.

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Jun 12 2019

Being scantily clad on Twitch doesn’t violate California penal codes.

Jun 11 2019

You know you’ve fucked up big time when a Canadian starts throwing fists.  Probably didn’t apologize afterwards either.

Jun 11 2019

E3 was plagued with “Influencer” advertising. It made me want to go outside and yell at a cloud. I’m sure the youngins enjoyed the ‘Oh my goodness! That is so-and-so!’ moments, but for me it was just annoying padding that was distracting from game reveals.

Jun 11 2019

Just get rid of him already, all these fucking people and their disgusting fucking edgy streams, learn some manners and laws because this shit is tiring.

Apr 9 2019

They blew their load with three back to back anime shows: Darling in the Franxx, Planet With, and SSSS.Gridman. Let them have some time to get some food and fluids in them before they start pumping again.

Mar 13 2019

A Williams-Sonoma henchman came up behind him while he was demonstrating the Drew Dance for some fans on the street and hit him with a Coravin Midnight Blue Model 2 Elite Pro wine bottle opener.

Jul 3 2018

A world government outlaws guns, but the souls of old firearms appear in the form of beautiful boys.

Jan 9 2018

That marching band cat animation is the cutest freakin thing I’ve ever seen.

Jan 5 2018

“It doesn’t matter that most of the time no one shoots me with that thing,” wrote Reddit user BitterBubblegum. “Constantly expecting it is the thing that reduces the enjoyment.” Read more

Jan 5 2018

Hey, the rich worked hard for that nuke and shouldn’t have to share their wealth with the middle and lower GTA class.