Today 3:04PM

I laughed out loud when I read this. Yeah we know it is coming

Today 12:01PM

Yep. Most people don’t give a shit why a holiday exists. Just whether or not they get the day off. Federal employees will be happy if this is an additional actual paid holiday and not just combining two other ones together to make way for the new one.

Today 11:36AM

Unfortunately, knowing the mindset of American business, the odds that anyone other than federal and bank employees actually get this holiday off are probably so close to zero that an electron microscope couldn’t find a gap between the two.  

Today 11:30AM

“We’re celebrating black freedom by trying to free YOU from a big down payment! Get yourself into a 2021 Mitsubishi Eclipse for no money down!”

Today 10:06AM

That is exactly how it will be “celebrated” by white people. The white collar white workers will celebrate it by taking a day off so they can go down to their nearest store or boardwalk, and screaming at some blue collar black worker who doesn’t get Federal Holidays off.
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Wednesday 1:05PM

Oh, I think crossovers are here to stay. But I don’t think the sedan is as dead as people seem to think either. When done well, like the Japanese and Korean brands do, at a good price point.

6/11/21 9:57AM

I’m going to hold off on calling the new Z a “polished turd” until some actual road tests come in. Sometimes small changes add up to make a big difference. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that the 350 wasn’t considered a “turd” when it was new. The fact that it became thought of that way is largely because Nissan let Read more

6/11/21 9:50AM

Sure its an old platform, but having driven one its a pretty good platform. Modernize the drivetrain, some NVH enhancements, and update the styling seems like a solid strategy. Especially if it keeps the price point lower.

6/11/21 8:20AM

When you see me rolling up in this, you know what’s about to happen. I’m about to open the door, and saunter out in my baggy track suit wearing house shoes. I’m here to watch the local co-eds play some volleyball while I eat a concession stand corn dog. Read more

6/09/21 1:24PM

Cameras are just the worst thing that’s happened for cops. Youtube is just chock filled with video of cops doing bad things. It really makes you question the whole “bad apples” idea. Read more

6/04/21 12:30PM

People will complain about a 9sec 0-60 while ignoring the fact that the now-revered E30 318is was slower than that and the Porsche 944 was only marginally faster. Neat looking car but disappointing range - I’m interested to see which EVs from this new crop end up selling well and coming out on top.

6/04/21 12:25PM

A 2+2 crossover with suicide doors and 175mi range is going to go over like a lead balloon. What the hell are Mazda thinking? This is like something from the Crap Era, when EVs were weird and impractical. Mazda knows how to make a decent car that Americans will buy, so why did they make this instead? Read more

5/30/21 12:23PM

Seems like these days motorcycle road racing fatalities only occur when a rider gets hit by a bike, the airbags (both on barriers and integrated into the riders’ leathers) and deep gravel traps seem to have made single bike wrecks much safer (worst one in recent years that I can recall is Marqez’s arm) Read more

5/30/21 9:48AM

The crash looked terrible but with the safety improvements over the years I never expected news like this. Read more