Mofuqin Stevens
Jun 2 2017

To everyone commenting how impossible it must be to find Afro-Brazillian actors, may I kindly direct you to our coverage of 3%, a Brazilian-produced scifi drama that—wait for it—features a number of Afro-Brazilian actors?

Jan 16 2017

Because we need a hero, and Trump and Nickelback are on par with each other so why not convey that sentiment with a shitty song by a shitty band?

Aug 3 2016

The Crew was never collected as a trade but it’s on the Marvel Unlimited digital service.

Oct 26 2015

I feel now is the moment to mention that if you want a fresh dose of awesome Jem-ness in your life, check out the comic being put out by IDW. It is incredibly good and true to the original series, and the whole movie should have just been based on the that.

Aug 20 2015

No I know she's 80. I also know she's disappointed that you spend your life trolling websites while angrily masturbating a limp dick in her dingy basement.

Aug 9 2015

I just hope the well hasn’t been poisoned too much. Both for the audience and potential actors who may be scared off. Read more

Jul 30 2015

I will go to my grave insisting that STEEL was better than BATMAN & ROBIN, which came out the same year.

Full disclosure: I edited the movie novelization of STEEL, which, I swear to God, seemed like a good idea at the time. (Publishing a novelization, I mean.)

Jul 24 2015

To me (maybe you don’t agree) Hannibal is so innately likable and chill, that even when he is trolling hard, he’s still adorable.