Moe Khan
Mar 8 2019

Yeah my reaction was pretty much pacmandeathnoise.wav.

Jun 4 2018

I have been lusting for a Fiat Barchetta ever since the 90s. Preferably a red one or the limited edition in black with the awesome quilted red leather. Test drove two of those bella macchinas already over the years, lovely car and fun as hell to hoon but both times it wasn’t meant to be. In case I ever have to get rid

May 24 2018

To be fair the current rav4 is still super capable for everything that the original first gen rav4 buyers used them for and infinitely more capable than the first gen at being an everyday car. For example a rav4 with decent tires is just unstoppable on a snowy road.

Apr 20 2018

Beautiful car, but it’s too bad Honda went with the standard dash design for that model. The dash on my old ‘96 Prelude was so ahead of it’s time, putting a smile on my face with every turn the key.

Apr 8 2018

The difference is that NASCAR does it because they’re generally afraid of technology, while Super GT isn’t. In fact, part of what they do is to encourage local engineers - the Dome Mother Chassis silhouettes in GT300 were developed specifically so teams wouldn’t just buy GT3 cars. Instead, they buy Mother Chassis cars Read more

Apr 7 2018

Tgabk you for writing about this car. I was mildly obsessed with it in fourth grade when I had a Guinness world record book, and had not heard much of it since the late 80s. Granted I did not Google it since, because I did not want to find out itt was not as bannas as I recalled. Thankfully it is bannanas after all.

Apr 2 2018

This is completely anecdotal, but I see a surprising amount of older BMW’s getting well past 200k miles, despite their supposed unreliability. Though I guess that’s offset by all the ones that get sent to the junkyard at like 120k when the transmission/engine blows and is too expensive to repair.