I’m with you. I think on the whole, Chrysler concepts were always more daring and interesting than their Detroit counterparts. It bothers me quite a bit that today a Chrysler “concept” vehicle is just a paint scheme and trim level. I miss the ambitious designs of yesteryear.  Read more

As idiot teens we would rally on the logging roads that surrounded our town. Stupid for a bunch of reason, beyond that fact that we were in some Accord, or that fully loaded logging trucks would hoon down the roads faster than we would. Read more

Between the herbs who own this place not knowing how the internet works and Kinja just being Kinja it’s a miracle this site works at all.
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Why should we sit around and argue about how we are going to die Read more

I think there’s a momentum factor here .... the more it happens that these cops get convicted, the less it’s unthinkable for DAs to attempt to prosecute, the more willing juries are to convict, etc. Read more

And, BTW, I don’t think the first part of his sentence is actually inherently incorrect; I wouldn’t even necessarily call it a lie, because he might actually believe it. Everyone can more easily make a goal become real if there is some kind of visual representation of the complete project.
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There is nothing he can say to me that would make me vote for him in the primaries, though, should he win, I’d walk across broken glass to vote for him. Read more

As a white man myself, I have no idea man. Not one.
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White people are weird, they weird out other white people!  Read more

Still, in less than two hours of deliberation, a majority-white jury convicted the officer for killing an unarmed black man… Read more

Sure, they could have tried him for that if they failed to secure a conviction, because proving murder here would be difficult since it’s literally the cop’s word against nothing else, you’d be pissed that he walked. Read more

If Alabama has a death row, he belongs there...until the state puts his rotting corpse in the ground. Read more

“It proves men like him are more willing to perpetuate the fantastic narrative of negro neighborhoods needing more role models and briefcase-carriers than make the people in power stare into the sun and see the blinding light of racism.”

They believed in you and it really speaks to what they saw in you. Look at you now. You have a whole lot of people that are so thankful for you. Keep writing truth to power and we will continue to read, learn, and grow.  Read more

Who is the man clapping at the car in the drive-thru lane like he’s trying to get someone’s attention? What the fuck was that about?
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Onlookers can be heard yelling “Damn!” and “You’re fucking your shit up!” as they watch in disbelief at the lengths this woman went to stave off her hunger pains. Read more

Typically I fall in the camp of never touch a car/motorcycle ever, for any reason, at all, no exceptions!* Read more