I thought learning this was why you could get a drivers license in your teens. Back when your reaction times could keep up with your lack of experience. I think I learned this approximately 43 seconds after I had a car with no parents around.  Read more

I’m pretty sure the smoke was his pants disintegrating from him shitting himself so hard Read more

And her fathers last name is Vader :-P Read more

What do you mean “engine bay that you could swing your legs in”? You and 4 of your friends could stand around in the engine bay. Comes in handy when you need to fix a starter.  Read more

You are going to flip when you see my brand new corvette with a L98, TPI motor in it.  Read more

Now I’m thinking of engines to create or swap in. I do think a Cummins could be cool. Although that would double the weight of the car. I do like straight eights though.  Read more

This is a car that when I see it I always think “I should get one of those”, but I cant give a reason why. Its not exceptional in any way, its just cool. Swap in a mustang motor and do some suspension work and it could be fast. But that just seems wrong. Its not meant to be a hard core sports car. Its meant for Read more

“Throwing Codes”, Check Engine Light is on. I find the best solution to a CEL is black electrical tape.  Read more

I was looking for that one. My wife looks at me funny when I call it that. To be fair she looks at me funny when I say most things though.  Read more

There is a plain white single cab dodge dakota down the street from me that catches my eye every time I see it. Just so simple and clean. Also saw a new-ish ford truck on my way home that caught my eye and realized that I had never seen another single cab new ford like it before. Looked so good.  Read more

Lots of good answers here. But the thing about efficiency is that the engine is rarely running where its most efficient, peak hp. In actual use the peak hp matters less than area under the torque curve. Thats actual usable power. 4 cylinders generally have a lot less power when not revving high and a lot less area Read more

Its unacceptable that a writer would make a tiny mistake that has no bearing on the story! Read more

I’m willing to bet they didnt try to enter it into a database. It was easier to toss it back and ask what those stood for than for them to try to enter it and see if the system accepted it. Read more

To be fair, I had replaced my old plastic roof with a cloth one with glass window so there is that. So I see your point.  Read more

I drove a 94 miata for 3 winters in Syracuse (aka the snow capital of the US) and never had a single problem. And this is from an Austin boy who had never driven on snow in my life. Miatas have very good heaters and with snow tires they are easy to handle. The added bonus is that if you want to get crazy and pretend Read more

What caught my attention was that she was so tired that she went to the wrong apartment but was able to put a bullet into the chest of a black man sitting in a dark room with no problem. Thats some training. I just wish their training ingrained in them that shooting someone is the last option after everything else has Read more

I assumed it was just that the McLaren mistook the s2k for a miata and (rightfully) wanted to let the faster car thru. Read more

I loved watching how early he went WOT. Fast in, fast out. Oh and they shouldnt let so many porsche 911's park on the track. Its dangerous.  Read more

I could watch that gif all day. It makes me smile.  Read more