5:04 PM

The offical AV Club party line is that The Last Jedi was an amazing movie that revitalized the Star Wars franchise, and if you didn’t like it you are a sexist CHUD who deserves to rot in your parents’ basement for all eternity.
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4:49 PM

There’s a very contrarian bent when it comes to Star Wars in certain places, especially here.

Star Wars films can never be accused of being great art, but they shouldn’t be boring. TLJ was dull as hell.

4:37 PM

Hell, The Last Jedi was one of the best things to happen to this series in decades and people are still arguing about how it was actually bad.
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6:13 PM

This is what you’ve been training for, people! This is not a drill! Now get in there, isolate yourselves, and play games like your life depends on it!

10:24 AM

They’re hoping to get a softer landing at their backup job when the world realizes there is no need to pay a human for 250 word blog posts and links to better websites.

9:10 AM

Is is a legal requirement on Lifehacker that you have to have at least one article a week about tipping? 

5:40 PM

Well, they are certainly supposed to share that money with the government. Not declaring tips is the same as hiding any other income. The odds of being audited over it are small, but the penalties if you are caught are fairly large. And the IRS is more likely to audit poor people than rich people.

4:57 PM

How does it not?  If you have fewer customers, either you’re working the same shift with much less work... or you’re not working.  You certainly aren’t doing MORE work with less customers.

2:58 PM

Apples to oranges comparison. Hourly, salary, commission, and service all have pros and cons that favor certain conditions. I am paid hourly. A waiter’s pay is determined by factors other than time spent on their shift. During something like this I am still churning out the same quantity of work if I am in the Read more

2:06 PM

As much as they complain service people like waiters wouldn’t want it any other way. As it stands, whenever a restaurant raises prices that theoretically is a raise for them. And it goes directly into their pocket. They don’t have to share it in the form of taxes to pay for public services like the rest of us. Not to Read more

1:51 PM

Why is it during rough times there is always a push made to give more of your money away to service workers? Snowy out, tip more, hot out, tip more, virus floating around, tip more. Give it a break. I, along with most other people have to work under these conditions too. Same goes for sales people whose pay is tied to Read more

1:26 PM

It’s really frustrating how service workers defend the tipping system when alternatives that include vacation/PTO, sick time, steady wages, 401(k)s, etc., you know, the trappings of regular jobs, are presented.  I understand the allure of cash in the pocket is strong, but it’s difficult to be very sympathetic when we Read more

12:23 PM

That sounds cheap. I think tickets near me are more like $16-$18.

6:53 AM

Non-Japanese fans of Japanese game: We are mad that a character from said Japanese game appears a slightly different shade of color in Japanese cartoon series based on same Japanese game! Read more

12:44 PM

So Robo-calls to my phone continue, but threaten Robo-clicks to a website and the wrath of the internet gods will come crashing down with ways to stop it.