Aug 11

I have a feeling if this happened in this capacity under a different president, the shit-talking and disdain would be much lower. Read more

Jul 9

Have you watched Children of Dune? It gets right most of the same stuff as the first series, but improves upon some of the less good bits. A few parts are recast mostly for the better, but none really for the worst. I feel that Newman gives a better performance in the sequel, and McAvoy is great.

Jun 13

Oh... I don’t like this. I love Larian, I trust Larian, but I feel like with Baldur’s Gate... I’d prefer it just be a completed title released into the world from the get go.

Jun 9

According to a new report from Daniel Richtman (via The Direct) Matt Reeves plans to introduce a brand-new incarnation of the Joker in next year’s The Batman.”

Jun 8

While I nod knowingly as I feel where you’re coming form, there’s a lot of good stuff in Reloaded. Not an entire movie’s worth of good stuff, but it has its moments.

Jun 8

People just need to get off of Twitter and actually start talking to each other.
It’s easy to fall into a trap of “wrong-think” when tweets are limited in character. Differences and variations of opinion are too nuanced to be boiled down into simple right and wrong. More importantly, a lack of a real discussion will Read more

Jun 2

However progressive our parenting styles, I think we can all agree that Mike needs to be sent out to go cut himself a switch.

May 28

While this is a shame, I now want Alice to finally kill Batwoman in the second season premiere, have a psychotic break, Beth emerges as a second personality and dons the cape and cowl, and we get to see the same person, different personalities playing Alice and Batwoman all season until they are forced to confront Read more

May 3

Ok, but we’re not talking about some crapsack factory on a shitty planet at the ass end of explored space. We’re talking about one of the Federation’s most important shipyards, in the heart of Federation space,which is a post-scarcity society. Why would the workers go up to the replicator, which can produce almost Read more

May 3

Hm. So is there an interview explaining why the post-Nemesis Federation is using 150 year old technology? Because all of those assets they reused from Discovery suggest that there was a technological regression. Also, when the replicator can make any food programmed into it, why were the workers on Utopia Planitia Read more

Apr 23

He was played by Kyle MacLachlan in the 1984 film from David Lynch and will be played by Timothée Chalamet in the 2020 version.

Apr 22

I dunno about this list, I mean, it could be, just possibly... yep, it is.

Apr 22

The must-watch list is more than half the show. I think that’s the sign of a good show.