Feb 18

Some great episodes here. The Banana Boat song from the Harry Belafonte episode and “Fever” from Rita Moreno are some of my favourite Muppet skits.

Feb 16

“not to mention the original script for 9 where it is revealed that both the strict jedi order and the hatred fueled sith are just two sides of the same coin” Read more

Feb 15

MCU: We are on the fourth Thor and have two exciting directors working together. This movie will advance representation for women in general, women of color and LGBTQ persons.

We are also introducing a new female character in our TV line and will make great use of one of the original Avengers.

DCU: Remember that sucky Read more

Feb 11

I’d argue that it’s the most intuitive ending in modern fiction.

There is even a Get out of Jail Free card. The author warns you to not read the epilogue if all you want is a happy ending.

If you never read the final pages? It works out for the characters anyway. You are just left with the realization that King is Read more

Feb 11

I liked that the final book warns the reader before proceeding to the "lame ending."

Feb 11

hah! I was literally just complaining to someone else on here how I greatly prefer that over what we got in the Kelvin films. Just damn clever and shows exactly the kind of person Kirk thinks he’ll be some day. 

Feb 11

This series was so good. Cant wait for Season 2! The Sit

Jan 9

So someone clearly watched Legion and realized you can go there and be successful.

Oct 29

This episode literally had them talking things out with a diplomatic solution — the very epitome of Trek.