Aug 13

All the feels. The time traveling coup-de-grace, the return of MOTHERFUCKING FITZ, the daughter, the convertible, the reunion, THE COULSON ACADEMY WHERE MAY TEACHES FLINT. So good. Such a beautiful coda to such a beautiful series. Oh and Mack has a HELICARRIER. And Souza writes letters. And Mack’s last words to Read more

Jul 9

James McAvoy and Ashleigh Brooks absolutely steal the Children of Dune series.  I liked Dune but this is one instance in which the sequel surpasses the original.  Everything you didn’t like about Dune is missing while everything you like is expanded on. 

Jun 29

God what is it with these stupid videos popping up on mobile?  This site is getting so obnoxious with the pop ups and shit. 

Jun 3

I reiterate my opinion that Alice should kill Rose’s Batwoman in the S2 premier, which causes a psychotic break, Beth will emerge as an alternate personality who dons the cowl in Kate’s memory while Alice continues to terrorize Gotham unaware of her literal alter ego’s efforts to thwart her until a Tyler Durden/Jack Read more

Jun 2

Man, I have really tried to enjoy Roswell, New Mexico but I have just given up. The show just isn’t particularly good or bad. There’s nothing novel or interesting about it, aside from a couple sexually fluid characters and an unspecified mythology that the writers will never explain because they still haven’t made Read more

May 28

While this is a shame, I now want Alice to finally kill Batwoman in the second season premiere, have a psychotic break, Beth emerges as a second personality and dons the cape and cowl, and we get to see the same person, different personalities playing Alice and Batwoman all season until they are forced to confront Read more

May 20

That sucks, since Rose seemed like she was just growing into the role. Skarsten would be a wonderful replacement if the transition were written well. Read more

Apr 12

Damn, what show did you just watch? Everything landed and nailed said landing for me. That was a hell of an episode... Dolores unleashed the truth on the world, sacrificed her (other) self, and extended an olive branch to Bernard. Caleb managed to trip his way through a kidnapping, a high speed car chase, a murder, Read more

Apr 3

I loved this show so much. It was such a gem. I agree that the ending was rushed but I really liked the ending of Margot, Fen, Alice and Josh looking forward to the challenge of building a new world. It was probably the only part that was pitch perfect. This show loves its characters and it showed, even as it put them Read more

Mar 27

Hmm. That was an awkward ep. The musical numbers seemed to drag the episode down instead of energize it like they did before... except for Sedated, that was lovely. I loved how happy Zelda got each time they sang. Read more

Mar 26

This wasn’t as bad as I was expecting - I had pretty much lost all hope after last week - but it’s plagued by all the same problems that have accompanied Kurtzman’s take on Trek. (Which I don’t hate, btw, but it’s hard to take it seriously) Read more

Mar 24

I too have enjoyed Roswell, but it gets no love anywhere.  Just like The Originals.

Mar 19

I hate that we get Genevieve instead of Katie Cassidy as our last go around with Ruby.  Genevieve was so bad and hard to watch.

Mar 14

I freaking love this show. It’s so lovingly crafted on every level, from the writers to the actors to the directors. It’s like they don’t even know how to hit a false note. Read more

Mar 12

Dean Winchester + Sara Lance = hottest onscreen chemistry ever. Those two would be boning before they got through the first glass of whiskey.  (Sorry, Ava!)

Mar 9

I’ve read speculation that Delores is now in Futureworld, with the whole season being just another level of the game that she unravels. Fun idea, but I hope it’s not true.

Mar 6

Completely agree. So far its been all about deconstructing the idea of Picard with allegations of hubris, arrogance, and Space Alzheimer’s. I’ve enjoyed the spectacle but the execution seems so botched, and killing Hugh for shock value was just so dumb.    Read more

Mar 3

I would love to see Appleman get snatched up by some well written series where he can really flex his muscles.