Aug 8 2019

Funny I always thought they looked best in their natural habitat; rusted out in front of a double wide.

May 30 2019

The dipshit executives over at Cadillac who approved axing V-Sport in favor of making weakling V cars and then introducing a new, higher-end badge for real Vs needs to be fired yesterday along with the useless flotsam who came up with and floated the idea across his desk. Read more

Feb 3 2019

And yet they were damn near indestructible. As my grandfather used to say "never made enough power to hurt themselves" 

Feb 3 2019

We both know it's real name. Pinto 2, craptastic Boogaloo 

Nov 30 2018

Maybe don’t name your child something moronic if you don’t want yourself (and your child) ridiculed for the rest of their life. And this from a guy who named his son after his favorite Top Gear presenter.

Nov 14 2018

Now with more sheet metal for bigger Blue Lives Matter + Don’t Tread On Me stickers!

Oct 10 2018

I think as far as clean and simple designs go it would have to be the face-lifted 05-07 Super Duties. I had the pre-facelift 99-04 super duty but I always loved the clean lines of them. Shame they came with the worst powerstroke that Ford ever offered.

Aug 21 2018

A rear engined, air cooled car conceived under the guidance of a murderous dictator can never be meh.

Jan 20 2018

Can we just pause to acknowledge the exquisite proportions and clean surfacing of GM cars of that era?