May 13

Don’t take Precidia if you’re allergic to Precidia.

Apr 11

Wait you mean the business exists to make a profit?! That is mind blowing. 

Apr 11

I had a guy tell me today that “It won’t be long before you guys are giving these away!". Uhh, not really. Sales in my area haven't slumped much at all. The deals have actually brought in a lot of people and our area is doing great. Funny how some people are convinced that dealerships are days away from going under. Read more

Apr 1

Sorry, but this is a bad take. If you like it and could see yourself on it then it’s worth a shot. Who cares what other people think? Or is that why you want to get into motorcycles? Read more

Mar 23

“Sure honey, I’ll sell that car I’ve had since high school to make room for your new family carrier in the garage. Let me just take some pictures and post the ad to the internet.” Read more

Mar 10

Because they were dirt cheap, economical to drive, super useful, and tough as cockroaches. Sometimes a truck is a work vehicle and not a lifestyle.

Feb 23

Yeah, seriously. The fact that this kind of shit qualifies a person for a show on Discovery/Science is yet another indication of how fucking far our society has fallen. Sympathies to the dipshit’s friends and families and anyone who’s actually suffering because of this, but fuck an attention-seeking, science-denying Read more

Feb 5

You’ve seen people pumping one brake light at a time? I’m not arguing that separate amber lights would be an improvement. It’s just that I’ve been driving for 25 years and I’ve never had to question whether a brake light is broken in a modulating way, or it’s a turn signal.  It seems like a problem that doesn’t exist. 

Feb 3

After the third old guy in a train conductor hat talks to you about it for 2 hours straight—which means it’s 0.1 hour talking about your red, wooden whip and 1.9 hours of his trip down memory lane about the car he had in the 70's and how he once drove it down to the lake and the popular girl at school thought the car Read more