Virtue signalling Hybrid driver
Sep 14

I think I can I think I can I think I can I think I’m a can.

Sep 11

Check the hold for Sciroccos and Syclones.

Sep 10

Lexus IS? Sport-ish, reliable as fires in California, nice to look at. Read more

Sep 2

The US needs to get rid of that requirement - I’m sorry to sound heartless but the assumption needs to be that someone is wearing their seatbelt. If you choose not to wear your seatbelt, well... you know.

Aug 28

countercounterpoint: have both

Aug 28

counterpoint: center arm rests are amazing

Aug 22

Taking every precaution to see your spouse, except the ultimate one of going without seeing your spouse for a year or longer, is a little selfish, but I’d wager the vast majority of us have been far more selfish than that at some point during this pandemic.

Aug 21

More like “I drive one to the country club, and the other when I need to rent a car at a podunk airport”. Read more

Aug 21

It’s more like “I don’t trust my wife with my Mercedes” 

Aug 21

“I drive one when I go to the country club, and one when I go check on my rental properties.’

Aug 15

Unfortunately, air doesn’t work that way. They are continually diluting the flatus, but not directly displacing it. Read more

Aug 14

Cars registered in Europe are required to have a rear fog light.* Read more

Aug 12

Any reasonable safety system takes ordinary human behavior into account. Or, to put it another way, if humans were capable of behaving rationally and prudently all of the time, you wouldn’t really need robust safety systems. Read more

Aug 12

All the best designs are from the 1980s. We should reïntroduce these graphs. Here’s a mockup of a depreciation graph for a Chevrolet:

Aug 12

The big thing worth mentioning is Magna is doing the manufacturing. They are partnered with one of the biggest automotive companies on this planet unlike Karma or Lucid.