10/07/20 10:24AM

I wish I had a ghost story because I love them (although I’m too much of a scaredy cat to seek anything like that out). But this is the most terrifying thing that ever happened to me. Read more

5/20/20 10:18AM

I’m not sure this article really tracks with what Politico was doing. To go public with a sexual assault case against a powerful individual requires one of two things: evidence, or a leap of faith on behalf of the public. Read more

10/29/19 12:36PM

Can you let me know when you will be returning to sports coverage so I can go back to checking in once or twice per day? I have a lot to do today at work and all of these posts about non-sports topics are distracting because I Must Read Every Single One of Them. Whereas with the sports stuff I really only care if its Read more

10/29/19 11:54AM

Also, I appreciate that this act of defiance allowed me to read that article about the woman shitting on the floor at a Tim Horton’s, which has the single greatest kinja comment in the history of the site. Read more

10/15/19 5:52PM

Long-time reader, first-time writer. Apologies on the length.

My family and I live north of Chicago and bought a home last year. The previous homeowner’s parents built the home (in 1986) so we thought we knew everything.

The home has a main floor, upstairs (four bedrooms), finished basement (one bedroom) and attic. The Read more

10/08/19 3:40PM

I think that what Steven is calling a butter knife is actually a dinner knife.  If he can’t cut chicken with that, something has gone horribly wrong somewhere.

10/08/19 11:35AM

Back in the early 2000s I moved in with a now ex-boyfriend. He lived in a bungalow style house in one of the neighborhoods of a large midwestern city. This happened when I was taking a personal day from work after moving in to finish getting things arranged and unpacked. Read more

10/08/19 9:30AM

Made this account purely to participate because I have a recent weird experience. This story is from about two months ago. I have no clear explanation for what the hell happened and it took me three attempts to work myself up to remembering it in enough detail to write it down. Here goes. Read more

10/07/19 5:41PM

I was recently staying at a wellness resort retreat in the desert. I don’t want to say the name because it’s truly delightful, but it’s like one of those place where white women go to do yoga and eat organic food and get Ayurveda massages. They also have a lot of things there that would maybe be considered mysticism. Read more

5/16/19 8:49PM

Same. It felt like someone close to me. I must have checked his twitter 100 times in that first week hoping to hear something, anything. Drew remains the first and only person I’ve ever turned on notifications on in Twitter.

5/08/19 10:56AM

Is there a number I need to get at the counter to get in line to write for the NYT, or will they just call my name when it’s my turn?