11/03/20 10:28AM

Allison, especially since I’ve already made two batches of her apple butter recipe and I still have apples in the pantry.

10/07/20 10:19AM

The manic pixie dream girl/vintage shopper felt very fake. The creepiest one to me by far was the one at the Civil War battlefield.

9/25/20 9:44AM

Allison although Katie_keys has an excellent list and should be tapped in if you need a sub some week.

8/12/20 9:19AM

Aimee -- though I do regret not getting any form of nachos. But I don’t think I’ve ever left a ball game without having eaten a hot dog.

6/16/20 2:32PM

We called them ice pops. That said, Aimee gets my vote because of the Klondike Crunch and the puppy treat.

5/29/20 11:17AM

Allison gets my vote although I would like to sneak over one column and scoop up the silicon spatula.

5/01/20 3:40PM

Marnie! Great choices, especially ravioli and elbow macaroni.

4/15/20 11:22AM

Also, obviously you can make a vastly superior fresh one. I can make a vastly superior fresh one. I can also make a superior hot pocket, pizza, and waffle. Why you need to come into the comments and yuck at me rather than just say you like Stouffer’s entrees I do not know.

4/14/20 8:47AM

Aimee all the way — I could never vote against tater tots. But where is the frozen burrito? Breakfast burritos, meat burritos, bean and cheese — even convenience store burritos are pretty damn good.

6/11/19 7:47PM

Hey Bryan. That’s tough and I’m glad your family could laugh about it. My mom died last year and the hospice chaplain told us to play music during her last hospital stay. So we started with music that I like and I thought, do you really want to associate this with this time? So we played a woo woo Spotify piano Read more

4/30/19 9:42PM

My mom died last year -- she had a similar cognition test in the hospital and when asked who the president was said ‘It’s that dimbulb.” The nurse was pleased with the response.