Nov 25 2014

god damn hipsters climbing trees in the park, can't even bother to park their dads car in the parking lot.

Nov 9 2014

Funny, I remember how the E46 was the last great M3 before it became a bloated, overweight V8-powered barge. And how the E36 was the last great M3 before it became a bloated, overweight luxury car with no performance heritage. And how the E30 was the only true M3 before they became too large and obsessed with power.

Sep 28 2014

Better go grab a beer, this is a good one.

Sep 26 2014

Yes lets ticket car enthusiasts that dont like what i like! People like you are whats wrong with car culture. The same as people that gave the import scene so much flak in the 90s while praising some Boyd Coddington shitheap which is the same thing. Read more

Sep 23 2014

One day we'll figure out a way to harness the pissing and moaning of Jalopnik commenters and power vehicles with that. Read more

Sep 21 2014

Not to mention snide edits from some mod or another on said posts. Delete it, don't leave a mark advertising that you are an all powerful mod. Smh. Read more

Sep 21 2014

Thanks for stereotyping and insulting entire user base! We always appreciate it when whiny bitchy Jezebel women who cant take a joke, and probably wont take a dick, come to this section, and call every one here a sexist asshole.

Sep 20 2014

Institutionalized misogyny? Are you somehow writing this from the 60s? What the fuck are you talking about? I can't go on the fucking internet or turn on my huge array of cable TV channels without seeing an ad that makes fun of a stupid man, pointing out how men are stupid and simple-minded, seeing a new story Read more

Sep 20 2014

It's ok, we're men. It's not sexist for us. Just for women. Who want to be women. But also men. Even though they're not men. But they want to be treated like people (but secretly like women)...but only by women. Because men are evil. Read more

Sep 9 2014

More than you know bro. People eat this shit up. It's incredible. The most valuable company, not just in the Technology sector, but the freakin' planet, releases, literally, the most anticipated piece of hardware and you know what one of the world-stoppers was?

A new world of emoji.... With animation.

Because people Read more