Aug 15 2019

That’s some pretty damning stuff.  It’s almost as if powerful people were friends with Jeffrey Epstein and his contacts kept him above the law.  Almost as if our entire justice system were fundamentally broken due to corruption; but if that were true then we’d see a lot of poor, largely powerless individuals being Read more

May 18 2019

Engine starts with ‘E’ and radiator starts with ‘R’, therefor the radiator goes after the engine. Read more

May 9 2019

I’m not always the one to recommend a Volvo, but in this case it fits the bill perfectly.

Mar 14 2019

Congratulations, you are one of the 23 people that Ford has chosen as the target demographic for the Edge ST.

Feb 28 2019

You can pry my bread and tortillas from my cold dead hands. Bury me in burritos.

Feb 14 2019

I think the buyer is missing the basic psychology here. Do you want a doctor who is your equal? Or do you want a doctor who is smarter than you? If I am hiring an architect, I definately want someone who has better taste than me. The Volvo, especially the interior, screams “architect’s car.” The Land Rover would also Read more

Feb 7 2019

I am a wife and a Corvette owner. Last I checked I'm not banging any dudes on the side...

Jan 27 2019

You might want to look at the funding shitshow that our legislators have created for the USPS. Read more

Jan 9 2019

Jealousy is a poor trait. The fact that he’s making money, doing some he likes with the opportunity for self employment, makes you look like you need a new job. BTW, tell Bill Gates his hobby was a pipe dream. OTH, you’re probably jealous of him too.

Jan 3 2019

Car dealers are so unpopular that a jury can’t wait to slap them with punitive damages that are 287x greater than the actual damages. These are my kind of people, because for every successful civil suit against dealerships there are most likely greater than 287 unsuccessful suits.

Dec 26 2018

What’s really crazy is these looks absolutely proportional. I would have guessed these were 19's or 20's.

Dec 18 2018

My favorite AI related post in recent memory (don’t even care if it’s real or not, it’s hilarious):