Señor Stone
Aug 10

Are you not aware that Indycars run road courses too? Covid-shortened current season aside, they generally run more road courses than ovals. in 2019, 11 of 16 races had both left and right turns. That’s a large part of the series’ appeal: The different types of circuits test different skillsets, so different drivers Read more

Aug 9

Maybe some sort of consistent, thorough weekly list of all televised/streamed racing events on tap for the coming weekend. Not just Nascar and Indy and F1, but AFT, WSBK, MotoGP, NHRA, IMSA, MotoAmerica, et cetera. All in one weekly post so instead of having to check a bunch of different apps and maybe forget one, it Read more

Aug 5

To keep it from dissolving. He loves football (played at Miami and then in the CFL) and has the means (with his other investors) to save a promising-looking league from oblivion, at least for a while.

Jul 13

I wss just thinking it's gonna have to be a big fucking car. Wonder how they'll fit 12 seats in it.

Jun 16

I’ll agree that “turbo” is a stupid choice for an electric car, but they used it because it’s a recognized trim level, not really a model unto itself. That would be like Chevy offering a Z06 or ZR1 package on the Volt. Yeah, it’s associated with Corvette, but it’s a trim level and not a model so it’s not quite as Read more

May 7

The big difference here, to me, is that Porsche knew better than to call their SUV models 911.

Apr 23

Sounds like Mr. Foley had a rough go of it. I wonder if he ever managed to get his life back on the right track. If so, I imagine that others may benefit from first-hand accounts of his trials and tribulations. Troubled suburban teens, possibly.

Feb 10

My retired parents use their 2018 Wrangler Unlimited to pull a Sea Hunt Ultra 186 (18 1/2-foot center console with a Yamaha 115hp outboard motor) on a near-weekly basis for most of the year. They also have a Little Guy teadrop camper trailer they hauled to every SC state park over the course of a year. Neither of Read more

Oct 1

I can’t imagine that it’s comfortable. Driving that thing in anger must have been a huge pain.

Sep 25

Yeah, that irked me too. Either no one on D has recorded a sack, or everyone on D has yet to record a sack. The former sounds less awkward.

Sep 25

That’s...not Chip Kelly. I’m pretty sure that’s Jim Harbaugh. He’s done the lip-licking thing on camera a few times.

Sep 10

Great picture you selected. I live in Myrtle Beach (Go Pelicans!) but my girlfriend got her MS at USC and the Columbia Fireflies started playing during her time there, so we spent many afternoons/evenings at Spirit Communications(now Segra) Park. Read more

Sep 7

It’s actually a clean song. “Fool” is the most intense word in the whole thing. Google the lyrics.

Sep 1

Or Dallas. Jerruh doesn’t mind if you beat your girlfriend and throw her down on a couch full of guns as long as you might be a decent pass rusher.