Yesterday 10:56PM

I looked it up, and yes, it seems she “only” did about 250 shows over a four-year-period. I still maintain that if you can do that kind of work — live performance is not exactly an office job; you need that time off — you can decide whether you want to ditch the IUD. Read more

Tuesday 11:09AM

I am paranoid about strapping loads down. I do not want to be the guy that causes an accident or injury, or kills someone. Lumber, small boats, tools... it all gets strapped down.

Tuesday 9:35AM

Where I live (a small town near Sedona) the regional economy is driven by tourism. The industry is suffering from a lack of employees eager to return to crappy, low paid hotel and restaurant jobs. The common complaint is "nobody wants to work!" Not so. They just don't want to work for *you*. Having spent years in the Read more

Tuesday 9:23AM

Good. Their bosses and customers told them to get another job and now that they are the bosses and customers are pissed. That's great.

Monday 9:28PM

The guy’s personal history shows he’s an ambulance-chaser and born grifter. So him courting the same endlessly gullible, violent, white male demographic that Trump aimed at the Capitol makes sense.

Monday 7:40PM

Except that in places like Texas and AZ they tell parents of new borns they should be kept in a constant temp as much as possible, preferably between 68 and 72. Read more

Monday 2:03AM

If there was ever a National Racist Day in the US, 95% of the white population wood be on the streets cheering.

Sunday 10:25PM

Just gonna say, but why on god’s green earth would *anybody* connect to a wireless point named “%p%s%s%s%s%n” in the first place? I mean, seriously. If you connect to that, you almost deserve what you get.

Sunday 9:45PM

I commend the writers of this article for not saying this “bricked” the devices. It’s maddening when people refer to fixable issues as bricking.

Sunday 8:26PM

Weird hill to die on, but you do you. 

Sunday 8:10PM

Republicans really have figured out the move, though. They vote against everything, force the Democrats to pass it anyways (because SOMEBODY has to actually govern), then take credit for it getting passed.

Sunday 4:50AM

It’s been a glorious quarter-century living under the enlightened, complete and total rule of the Republicans here in Texas. We are fast on our way to becoming Somalia.