Mister McGibblets
8:57 PM

Very much so. I’ve been a lifelong Nintendo fan and this is one area where they seriously have catching up to do—as someone with autism who went to a college for students with learning disabilities, accessibility is hugely important to me and it’s amazing to see a major player like Microsoft leading the charge in that Read more

8:29 PM

Guh, I love this, but at the same time, it highlights how difficult it is to get accessible gaming gear. Nintendo, in particular, routinely fails to consider mobility and access issues for those with disabilities. Even seemingly minor things, like changing text size and speed does so much for making games more Read more

8:11 PM

The MS accessibility controller is one of the most beautiful stories in gaming in the past decade. It doesn’t make any money, it’s for an extremely select audience and practically nobody knows about it. But it’s a game changer (literally ) for the people who use it. I’d love to see first party offerings from the other Read more

8:52 PM

Now this is one of the greatest posts of all time at this place.

6:39 PM

I only started reading Kotaku in recent years, but as a decade+ reader of the AV Club its been painful watching that place slowly come apart over an even longer period, even before the GMG acquisition (of course, now with Spanfeller in charge it feels like that slow motion car crash could speed up at any time). I Read more

6:40 PM

there’s an alternate universe where deadspin got to write a David Stern obituary and its very different to ESPNs.

4:46 PM

This right here is a problematic mindset. Sometimes its important to trust people when they say the have experienced things you are not the target of. As “Well I havent see racism, maybe theyre just sensitive” is how racism still survives in so many mainstream communities, far beyond fandom, into workplace Read more

4:38 PM

Oh fuck off, how many times does someone have to say editorial is a separate entity before you guys stop bitching in the comments every chance you get...

7:12 PM

All of the stuff you say he is is more typical of entitled white men than millennials. Plus, he’s not a millennial. 

7:03 PM

Duncan Hunter is 43, don’t drag millennials into this.

2:28 PM

A truly amazing experience with (thus far) a poignant story. I'm on the last thing you have to do, and it's such an intense bit of timing and planning and nerves that I've been working on it for two days before actually trying it. What a wild game.