Mister McGibblets
10:33 PM

It feels obvious to say, but there is no backup. And there probably never will be. Early last year I gave in and made a twitter account just to follow the gawker diaspora. And now I just check that the way I used to check kinja front pages. Read more

6:10 PM

I’m so numb from watching this network be slowly murdered that I now just feel relieved whenever one of you leaves. I hate losing these sites, but every one of you deserve so much better.  RIP and good luck.

1:38 PM

I was killing time over the holidays and realized I hadn’t listened to splitscreen in awhile. I came to kotaku and checked the tag, and there was barely anything new. Then I googled and was happy to find that there were several recent episodes I hadn’t seen published here. Read more

12:30 AM

Imagining where this story would go if you had an owner who would let the legal department grind this out. RIP Heather Dietrick.

7:45 PM

To clarify: Houseplants means like decorative plants right? Not he... I mean edible ones? Good riddance to those bonus chores, but if you come for my rosemary we’re gonna have a problem.

5:41 PM

Torn between hating this and being psyched as hell that you’re going to Greenwell. Can’t wait to see what you do together. Read more

10:54 AM

Yeah, I’m curious because I’m mostly an xbox player who got an elite last christmas. So this year, it’s between asking for the SCUF for ps4 or upgrading to the new elite. The SCUF would be a no-brainer if it’ll work next gen, but probably not if I’m only gonna get one or two more games before it’s obsolete.

10:35 PM

Now I see the confusion. You’re reading the word “surviving” wrong. He means survived literally. In that it continues to exist. Abandoned early builds, especially from that era, generally just get deleted or lost forever.

11:24 AM

I saw your tweet and just wanted to say thank you and good luck. You made an otherwise ugly part of the business into a service for your readers, rather than an encroachment. You’re a perfect example of what has made this place so special: a more thoughtful, more honest, more talented version of what everyone else is Read more

I saw your tweet and just wanted to say thank you and good luck. You made an otherwise ugly part of the business

7:27 PM

It’s inevitable, so what’s he going to say when he gets around to Jezebel? The other sites are easy: “stick to video games/tech/cars.” While I hope Jez’s time never comes, I can’t wait to see how offensively he fucks it up.