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Automatic A/C in the 10th gen civics are shit. It’s usually blasting when there isn’t a need. Automatic doesn’t do anything special but turns a/c or heat on and off to hit a certain set temperature. The car already automatically switches between a/c and heat depending on outside temperature which brings about a whole Read more

Have you driven a car in varying climates/seasons? You absolutely do need to fiddle with the A/C while driving. Read more

XC2 was also insanely terrible in graphics. So that's not a good comparison.  Read more

It was pretty fun when I played it for a month. Problem was all the cons that comes with mobile games that made me stop like eating up battery life, tiny screen, hard to control using a touch screen, battery gets hot, etc. Read more

This device seem useful for a quickly shrinking market. Read more

Also to add, there are plenty of restaurants in NYC charges a ~15% credit card usage fee. So it’s not a free ride when you use a CC. Read more

I do live in NYC. The trendy areas tends to allow cards but once you start going around the outer boroughs, there are plenty of cash only restaurants or small mom and pop shops that enforces a minimum for credit card. There are also plenty of small restaurants that stop accepting CC because of chargeback frauds making Read more

It’s not any safer than using chip or tap with card. Read more

Yes and no. Depends on how the issuer chooses to pass the cost down. Read more

Agreed. Let the player choose. There are a lot of gamers who are 21+ years old. Read more

That’s not your fault. It’s more of bad marketing on Bandai’s part and more of a Japan focus marketing campaign. It’s easy to be out of the loop unless you’re engage in the Digimon fandom and/or follow Bandai merchandises. Read more

I highly recommend importing BE (will be available on Amazon JP) when it’s out in about two or three months. Vital Hero is just a rebrand of Digivice V in VB shells aka dumping old stock. Read more

Lastly, we’re curious about Bandai’s new Digimon watch, the Vital Hero. It’s a fitness watch for kids based on the virtual pet game, and it gamifies walking and running so that the life of your Digimon relies on how much you physically move throughout the day. Read more

Yeah, most of the examples here has nothing or little to do with gaming as the root issue. Read more

I have no issue that there is MS exclusive. I want to see what Kojima plans to achieve with the cloud. Read more

Is it Edited by Hideo Kojima? If not, I’ll pass.
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The original game is not included. Royal is like a Director's cut, and changes are made along with new scenes.  Read more

Yeah, I think people are getting too hung up on the idea that it needs to be like X-Com just like how people pass over Ac!d not being like MGS.
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They can be mad because I love it. After Metal Gear Ac!d, I’ve been waiting for a good card based combat game.
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huh I’m surprised we’re seeing spider-man, I thought Sony had exclusive rights to spider-man in video games.
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