Missy Pants
Dec 19 2015

Never here. People here are welcoming and awesome. Your husband would be very welcome here.

Dec 18 2015

Or I wouldn’t since I know some and they don’t consider themselves white. I mean, they are from Los Angeles though so they’ve probably been made acutely aware that they are Other by the white kids at school. Read more

Dec 18 2015

No, that’s not it though. Earlier there were comments on a mainpage post wondering if Alicia Vikander had had her picture darkened or altered. She’s clearly a white woman who can tan (she’s Swedish and Finnish) but she’s definitely a white person who has benefited hugely from white privilege. It’s not that he can tan Read more

Dec 18 2015

I would never classify him as white and it is boggling my mind that you’re saying that and people are agreeing with you. It’s literally blowing my mind right now.

Dec 17 2015

While it is kind of annoying that Albert Molina is playing someone who’s Pakistani and he’s not Pakistani, I wouldn’t classify that dude as ‘white’ at all. There are definitely white Spaniards and white Italians but he’s not one of them. Read more

Dec 14 2015

A FB friend I haven’t kept up with recently bought a house with a white woman she’s apparently now married to. Which wouldn’t be weird at all except the last time I checked she was married to a black man, and they have 1 or 2 kids together.

Dec 14 2015

It is ironically one of the best on line resources for tracking what these assholes say.

Dec 13 2015

I recognize my country again. This is the Canada we were told we’d inherit in elementary school, I was scared it was gone forever under the Harper regimen but it’s back and I’m so pleased. Part of me was honestly scared that when Harper resigned after the election he’d say “ hahaha, JK suckers!” and a private army Read more

Dec 11 2015

You clearly think you aren’t dropping enough feathers everywhere you go to not give away your old ID. No toxic website necessary.