Miss Pavlichenko, if you're nasty
May 6

In a more direct intersection of music, place, and product, the Misawa Home Corporation in the mid-80s commissioned a series of ambient soundscapes. When you purchased one of their prefab homes, you also got one of the recordings, and it was meant to be played inside the house to complement its design. I honestly love Read more

May 4

It is from an Australian YouTube film called “Italian Spiderman,a parody of 1960s-1970s Italian action-adventure movies. It’s pretty funny. Go look it up and enjoy while I rethink my life, because somehow that information was like, right there in my brain even though I can’t find my glasses or remember my locker Read more

Apr 29

Looking forward to the anti-vaxx weirdos explaining that the police were actually spraying them with COVID vaccines as part of a big pharma test. Wake up, sheeple, etc.

Apr 21

100% this. Anything that Cohen shot in NYC is just electric. All those scenes out on the streets? No permits, no hired extras, just run-and-gun on the pavement in crowds of unwitting bystanders.

Apr 12

Sure, let’s take this explanation completely at face value: in the heat of the moment, if a cop is carrying both a Taser and a gun, there is always the possibility that even with the best of intentions, despite all their training and the physical differences between Tasers and guns, they will grab the gun and fire it Read more