10:02 PM

If you watch the loooong video, the five BHI men came there to harass the Indigenous Peoples March attendees. They were harassing Native people for an hour before the CCH group even showed up, and were largely either ignored or laughed at for their trouble, because that’s how you deal with a loudmouthed jackass if

4:15 PM

It’s too bad Gawker comments are all gone, I could go back and find the time where I commented something to the effect of, “Yeah, not putting anything in my house that continuously sends whatever it hears someplace else to be recorded,” and had a whole pack of dudes telling me how paranoid I was.

3:09 PM

I sometimes wander around after I look at a story someone’s posted from The Root or io9 or something. It still pisses me off that people can’t get that yes, A.J. fucked up, but that that doesn’t mean it’s acceptable for a billionaire to mount a campaign to take out a publication because it pissed him off. Both those

11:08 PM

I was just googling to see whether Gawker comments still exist anywhere or have vanished entirely into the ether, and stumbled on this. *Sigh* It still makes me sad.

4:00 PM

To paraphrase Ingersoll: I’m fine with the racism, but I’m going to pretend like this isn’t racism because we’re still not totally out-and-proud with our racism over here at Daily Caller yet. Give us a few months, we’ll see how the midterms go.

3:46 PM

Hey, Roo, is there anything special someone has to do to get approved on a blog these days, or do you just comment and hope?

3:44 PM

How do you figure that it was only the men who were allowed to suffer? Syphilis, particularly congenital syphilis, often went undetected under normal circumstances at that time, and even now. Any of the people the participants in the study infected were also allowed to suffer. Why would you want to ignore that?

3:33 PM

They didn’t state the fact incorrectly. As a result of what the government did, i.e. lie to the participants in the study that their syphilis was being treated and that they wouldn’t be able to pass on the disease, black men, women, and children were infected. The study was done on men who were already infected. The

2:54 AM

And/or talk about how they’ve seen “sketchy” people in the neighborhood (read: people who have lived here decades longer than they have but don’t have their complexion); how the local 7/11 is a hotbed of crime because there’s been precisely one serious incident there in the 24 years I’ve lived around here; how

4:04 AM

Ack. Pretend I wrote, as I meant to, “...being a narcissistic shit...”.

3:37 AM

Oh, please. Being abusive isn’t evidence of “cognitive plasticity”, it’s evidence of being a shit who doesn’t control their impulses because they think they can get away with it. Intimidating and/or beating up people you’re bigger and more powerful than isn’t “transgressive” in any creative or original way, it’s as

2:56 PM

I didn’t want to watch the video, but I felt I had to. Now I’m so angry I can hardly sit still. This is about total lack of training. There were a million ways this could have happened with no loss of life, but that simply isn’t a priority. At all. It was literally, “Shoot first, ask questions later.”


9:53 PM

He’s Louise Mensch’s alternate personality when she mainlines anabolic steroids.

2:52 PM

Was this supposed to make sense? This isn’t a security risk and I should buy it because some people were wrong about a thing once and Jeff Bezos is really rich?

3:35 PM

I wouldn’t bet that he never raped her. Maybe not on that particular day, and maybe she didn’t want to go through the hell of bringing charges for it, but I don’t think it makes sense to assume that someone who’d beat their partner up wouldn’t rape them. Pretty much the reverse.

2:26 AM

Gabrielle Union is the most amazing combination of adorable and badass.. I would turn for her.

4:35 PM

I have never understood why Kim wasn’t the star of the show (other than racism, duh). He was coming off a hugely successful series, he’s an excellent actor, he’s gorgeous, and even more than that, he has tremendous charisma. When I started to watch the first episode and realized that he was relegated to being a

1:12 AM

Huh. I wouldn’t have thought chanting “USA! USA!” was necessarily about acceptance, as much as about saying, “It’s our USA, too, and fuck off if you don’t like it.” That’s definitely what I would have meant by it if I were there, anyway.